Thinking About Safety, An Accident On St. John’s Sideroad, Not First Probably Not Last

Thinking About Safety, An Accident On St. John’s Sideroad, Not First Probably Not Last

Many times it crossed my mind. The ‘it’ is that the St. John’s sideroad is a busy road not just for the motorized vehicles but as well for parents/caregivers walking with their children, walkers, dog walkers, runners and bikers.

St. John's sideroad, Boardwalk

Over 15 years living in the area St. John’s sideroad undergone major transformation – residential development along, schools, addition of major supermarket, water treatment facility, road widening, Community Arboretum and addition of the boardwalk.

Not to mention, all this happened between Yonge Street and Bayview. The transformation was definitely to accommodate increased population and preferably the drivers.

GO Train, St. John's sideroad

Going down the memory lane, I remember this small dead end street right across the St. Andrew’s golf course where we used to go and watch the Canada Day fireworks. Many used that area as dumping ground as well. It was the bare land then.

Atkinson Park, St. John's sideroad, Boardwalk

The nice thing about my neighborhood is that parks, playgrounds, schools and shopping can be accessed via non-motorized means. When weather permits I take Matthew for long walks to the nearby playgrounds, boardwalk, the Arboretum and shopping to the Superstore.

I also have noticed that I am not the only one, especially the increased number of caregivers in our neighborhood taking children to playgrounds or schools in the strollers or just walking with them (they can’t drive, probably not allowed). There is really no point to drive where everything is under your nose.

So I went off on a tangent. Yes, yes, the ‘it’ continuation. St. John’s sideroad has history of accidents. We don’t have to see the accident, but we can see the aftermath results – damaged curbs, damaged guardrails, damaged speed signs, damaged posts, damaged grass, or broken car body parts. Over the few years I have seen it all.

Walking along the busy St. John’s sideroad do I watch my back? Of course. How can you not, knowing that accidents happened there. This confirms my fear.

Knocked Guards, Boardwalk, St. John's sideroad

Last weekend there was accident on the St. John’s sideroad.

A Honda car drove towards the boardwalk knocking couple of guarding posts. Probably a combination of black ice, slopped road and speeding car. To be exact the accident happened near the entrance of the Nokiida Trail boardwalk, a second observation deck on the North side of the road.

Knocked Guards, Boardwalk, St. John's sideroad

So I said above to ‘accommodate increased population and preferably the drivers’. Well when Superstore rose from the ground the driving customers definitely were given the preferential treatment.

I wrote about my request to the town to install a sidewalk on the side of the Earl Stewart Drive so parents pushing strollers will not use the road to access or leave the property. Many months passed and I have not seen any activity from the town. I would have thought that if there is a safety concern then such item would have been flagged immediately – I guess not. I will check with them in the spring.

Perhaps I will talk my five cents on safety. Drivers need to be more responsible and obey the rules. We got to stop designing roads and considering safety last. Pedestrians and moving vehicles should be as far as possible from each other.

Cost effective band-aid solution such as more safety signs don’t work anymore. I prefer more law enforcement people. But then even with police traps drivers do speed along St. John’s sideroad. It all boils down to the driver’s responsibility behind the wheel – Be Responsible Be Aware Around You.

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  1. They need continuous guardrails, not just posts. And if it’s a post, it needs to be an immovable object in the ground, not just something that pops off when someone hits it. Otherwise it’s no kind of obstacle.

  2. Thanks Marvin, hope someone will read your comment.
    Anna :)

  3. I back onto the intersection of St. John’s SDRD and Industrial PKWY. You wouldn’t believe the screeching cars racing by night. Foolishness. I believe that the police have stepped up their presence in that area as I have noticed a massive improvement and constantly see speed traps.

  4. Valerie, I can believe, things happen sometimes on our street too.
    Dangerous act for sure. Thanks again for sharing, Anna :)