Town of Aurora Books, My Collection

Town of Aurora Books, My Growing Collection of Books About Aurora, That Mentioned Aurora & By Aurorans

2013, “Postcards of Olde Aurora, A Sesquicentennial Project” by Bob McRoberts, 2013. Source: Bob McRoberts. Book is autographed by the author to Anna.

2011, “Stories of Newmarket, An Old Ontario Town” by Robert Terence Carter, Dundurn National Heritage, Toronto, 2011; Source: Costco, Newmarket.

2010, “Aurora 1945-1965 An Ontario Town at a Time of Great Change” by Elizabeth Hearn Milner, Distributed by Mr. Ron Wallace, 2007. Source: Ron Wallace. Book is autographed (2012) by the author to Anna.

2010, “Aurora Storyalis III” by Aurora Writers Group. 2010; Source: Ron Wallace.

1997, “A History 200 Years YONGE”, Regional Municipality of York, 1997; Source: Ron Wallace.

1996, “Opportunity Road, Yonge Street 1860-1939″ by F.R. Berchem, Natural Heritage, 1996; Source: Ron Wallace.

1991, “The History of Policing in York Region” by Constable Carol Sokil, York Regional Police, Newmarket, Ontario, 1991; Autographed but not by the author of the book. Source: Ron Wallace.

1988, “Aurora High School, Aurora District High School, The Dr. G. W. Williams Secondary School, 1888-1988, A Centennial History; Compiled by W. John McIntyre, 100th Anniversary Committee, 1988. Autographed by the author. Source: Ron Wallace.

1988, “Aurora A History in Pictures” by W. John McIntyre, The Boston Mills Press, 1988. Autographed by the author. Book came with a two school teachers, one of the grandfather of Bob McRoberts.Source: Independent Bookstore via

1984, “The Queen’s York Rangers, An Historic Regiment” by Stewart H. Bull, The Boston Mills Press, 1984; Autographed by Stewart H. Bull to Mr. H.D. Hamilton from Aurora. The book had newspaper clipping (photocopy) “Ontario’s innovative founder John Graves Simcoe combined best of British, American systems. Source: Ron Wallace.

1981, “hang in there, Sid” by Sid H. Britton, Pen Power Press, 1981; Source: Ron Wallace.

1977, “The Yonge Street Story 1793-1860, An Account from Letters, Diaries and Newspapers” by F.R. Berchem, Natural Heritage, 1977; Autographed by the Author to R & R Book Bar 1996; Source: Ron Wallace.

1976, “Meet Me at the Station” by Elizabeth A. Willmot, Gage Publishing; 1976, Source: Purchased online.

1976, “Rural Roots, Pre-Confederation Buildings of the York Region of Ontario” by Mary Byers, Jan Kennedy, Margaret McBurney, and The Junior League of Toronto, University of Toronto Press, Toronto and Buffalo, 1976; Source: Ron Wallace.

1972, “Aurora Its Early Beginnings” by James Johnston, Aurora and District Historical Society, 2nd Edition, 1972. Source: John Lord’s Books, Online.

1969, “Historical Atlas of York County, Ontario, 1878″, Illustrated, Miles & Company, Toronto; Re-print 1969; Source: Online bookstores.

1968, “The First Book of Glover, A Selection of Lyle Glover’s Cartoons from THE BANNER, Aurora, Ontario” by Lyle Glover, Aurora Banner Publishing Co. Ltd. 1968; Source: Ron Wallace.

1964, “The York Pioneer 1964″, Published by the York Pioneer and Historical Society; 1964; Source: Ron Wallace.

1963, “Aurora Its Early Beginnings” by James Johnston, Aurora Centennial Committee, 1963; Source: Ron Wallace.

1957, “Past and Present, A Canadian Musician’s Reminiscences” by Louise McDowell, Kirkland Lake, Ontario; Probably 1957. Book has no indication when was published. Book is autographed by Louise McDowell to Mrs. McCoormick (Winnipeg 1957). The book arrive with a small newspaper clipping cutout promoting the book.

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