Aurora Memories and More, Another Aurora Book by Elizabeth Hearn Milner

Aurora Memories and More, Another Aurora Book by Elizabeth Hearn Milner

Dec 13, 2013
When this blog came to life few years ago I thought I can’t skip a history lesson about Aurora. Thus I spent some time in our Aurora Public Library digging for some books. Obviously the fatter the better and Milner’s first book was one that attracted me the most.

So I read Milner’s first book and eventually I acquired my own copy as well: Aurora 1945-1965 An Ontario Town at a Time of Great Change.

Aurora Memories and More by Elizabeth Hearn Milner

Aurora Memories and More by Elizabeth Hearn Milner

To make this long story short, I got my copy of the book from Ron Wallace and Ron connected me with Elizabeth and this is when I found out that she had second book on the go Aurora Memories and More, a continuation to her first book.

Since then I have been on Elizabeth’s case. Always asking when and when will she have the book ready. That persistent when got my name in the Acknowledgement section of the Aurora Memories and More book. In the Aurora Memories and More book Elizabeth writes her own memories when she was growing up in our town and also shares few stories from others.

It was a long journey for Elizabeth to have her book finally printed. The book is available at the Hillary House and also at the Caruso and Co, both places located on Yonge Street in Aurora.

I am not done reading yet. As of today I am halfway through the book. I think I enjoy even more reading this book since it is not so much of what happened when and where, but I am actually intrigued by small details Elizabeth writes about her own life in Aurora. She writes how small community we once were and how everyone knew each other. I am stunt by how much she is able to remember and to write about people in Aurora, the people she knew.

This is short and sweet introduction to the Milner’s book and you will be hearing more about the book and some of my own memories I have with Elizabeth.

What a small pleasure it was to buy that candy at Mr. Lacey’s and oh what power came at recess when you pulled out that little bag with nine candies in it and, with grace and largess, you gave away five or even six to chosen friends keeping the chocolate for the walk home. Such delight for three or four pennies spent at Mr. Lacey’s shop.” ~ Mr. Lacey’s Shop: A Sweet Memory; Aurora Memories and More, pg 37, 2013.

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  1. Hello….I lived in Aurora from approx 1967 to 1975. Went to Aurora heights Public for all those years. Left when I was going into grade 9. How do I get a copy of your book ?

    Thank you
    Sincerely Karen

  2. Hi Karen, the copy can be obtained at the Caruso and Co shop on Yonge Street if you live in Aurora. There are also copies at the Hillary House. If you do not live in town I am sure that Aurora Historical Society will be able to mail you a copy. Anna :)