Got More Than Just A Simple Answer, Developmental Charges

Got More Than Just A Simple Answer, Developmental Charges

May 4, 2011
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While ago I asked question on the Town of Aurora blog. I was waiting and waiting for the answer through the comment subscription. Nothing happened. I expected to get something – but nothing came through. Last night I visited blog again, and I couldn’t believe I received a really good answer and in addition it was a post dedicated to my question. I guess my question wasn’t that stupid after all, and I appreciate all the time went into writing this post.

Nokiidaa Trail Link Construction Fence

I asked: ‘When you say: ‘Ninety per cent of the $500,000 total cost of the project is being funded by development charges.’. Can you elaborate more on the ‘being funded by development charges’? What is the total cost then to Town of Aurora for this project?

I will not take over the post, so here is the link to the answer for the question I asked. Read More …

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