Wells Street Public School, A Closer Look, Yes The Inside

Wells Street Public School, A Closer Look, Yes The Inside

Mar 9, 2012
I rolled my sleeves up and started to type an e-mail. If you don’t try then you have a zero chance of getting something, but if you do then at least you have fifty percent of getting yes as the answer. And the worst – no. I believe they teach this in school.

Wells Street Public School, Inside

After few days I did receive a reply to my request from Joanne Birch, President, Wells Street Schoolhouse Lofts. ‘We’d be pleased to allow you to take some posterity photos’ – she wrote.

This is where I got nervous and excited at the same time and knew that something will go wrong. The same day I was going to meet with Ms. Birch my camera flash got jammed. Lucky me it was just the camera flash. Even after little hiccup I was able to take many photos – inside, below, outside and from the top.

Wells Street Public School, A Classroom

It was another great photo journey through our town’s amazing structures, just like the time I had an opportunity to photograph the Petch Log house last summer. One of the things I always keep in mind – something that cannot be preserved as a material can always be preserved in photos.

We are very fortunate that both the Petch Log house and the Wells Street Public School are not going to be demolished this time.

Wells Street Public School, Classroom Wall Lockers

Like many of us I was too skeptical what would be the faith of the school once it was acquired by the developer. A prefect example is the George T. Browning house – there will be no house.

However, after meeting with Ms. Birch I cannot emphasize enough that the Wells Street Public School is in the good hands especially to know that her company do specializes in converting heritage buildings.

Wells Street Public School, Teacher's Rooms

Wells Street Public School, Teacher's Rooms

But it was more her passion for that kind of work that I admired. She herself gave me two hour grand tour of the ins and outs of the school and because of her patience I was able to capture many interesting details.

Some of the interesting features to note in this post’s pictures are:

The jade color scheme through out the school; the 3 piece doors (2 doors & 1 window on top) to the auditorium that will be preserved; built-in wall units in the teachers rooms; interesting design of the in-classroom coat lockers with one common link mechanism that opens all the doors at the same time; and probably one of the original squeaky staircase and railing leading up to teacher’s restroom.

Wells Street Public School, Staircase

But that is not all, at least not in this post. And before Schools Out, note that last month the Wells Street Public School received the heritage designation plaque.

Wells Street Public School, Schools Out

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog searching for Wells St School… I spent a good part of my school life in this school. I would love the opportunity to walk its halls one last time and take some photos. Your photos will have to do for now I suppose :(

  2. Hello Martin thank you for commenting.
    Re walking school again, not sure if that will be possible.
    But hey you could go in and see the change when it is done :).
    I know its not the same :(.

  3. Yes not the same :( I asked them if I could go see it and was told no.
    But I do see you were ablt to get in recently…at least on the roof.

  4. Martin, sorry to hear, but I guess it would be hard for them especially they really have lot of work to do.
    Thanks for commenting. These pictures were taken in the spring. Anna :)