Changing Aurora, Zellers Store Closing, New Resort-Style Condominiums, Safer Intersections

Changing Aurora, Zellers Store Closing, New Resort-Style Condominiums, Safer Intersections

The Town of Aurora is gearing up for the 150 years celebrations in 2013 and there will be plenty, and there will be plenty of new developments probably ready for 2013 as well. We will be celebrating 150 years of our town but we will be celebrating new beginnings as well.

Target beginnings. Zellers stores are closing down and will be replaced with Target stores. We have one store here in Aurora on Bayview Street. I am kind of surprised that the store lasted that long. Some stores are good when merchandise go on sale and Zellers was one of them – good just for that. Zellers was never my cup of tea, but the ironic thing is that I shopped there.

Zellers Closing Down, Bayview Street, Aurora

Now the store is liquidating everything. I went there couple of times few weeks ago to check out sales and I still think it was a bit too expansive for the liquidating store. But I am sure their pricing is much better by now when closer to the store closing. The drawback is that there will be nothing left to satisfy my purchasing needs.

If I am not mistaken. Until closing the store is operating under Zellers stores – purchasing methods and reward points. However, they are in the hands of liquidators, so theoretically it is not Zellers. That means that the liquidator purchased everything in the store, all the inventory.

Usually at the beginning of liquidation the liquidator will try to make as much profit as possible and once satisfied then the prices become better even for the expensive merchandise. So if you are looking for real deal sales you may want to visit soon or closer to the store closing date.

The store building will remain, but expect a new Target store facade in the 2013.

New Ridgewood II Resort-Style Condominium Behind the Cinaplex Building

Another interesting change here in Aurora will be change to the landscape view, the new Ridgewood II Resort-Style condominium behind the Cineplex Aurora located on the same plaza as Zellers. Not sure how high these will be, but the view behind the movie theater will never be the same. It will be build to last, and the way we build those today, they will last may be forever.

On the side note, on the photo below, one of the buildings behind the new development on John West Way is the Hollandview Trail Retirement Residence, the red building. An interesting opportunity is waiting there for me – and no no no I am not retiring.

A lifestyle coordinator from this retirement residence stumble upon my photo journal blog (this blog you are reading now) and asked me to present my photos and tell stories to seniors. At first I thought – what stories? But then my every post is a story. My presentation is scheduled for mid September, so you will be hearing more about that later.

But before I change the topic. When I went to visit this place just for a quick meeting I was amazed how friendly all the seniors were. At some point they started to gather around at the lobby, main attraction being Matthew. Poor Matthew just kept nodding his head and gently smiling at them and slowly his shyness kicked in and tried to hide behind me.

New Condominiums In Front of Hollandview Retirement Centre, John West Way, Aurora

Lastly, I noticed that last year around the same time many sidewalks were fixed. And this year, just before the school, sidewalks are being fixed again and crossing lines are being painted.

At the St. John’s side road and Yonge Street intersection traffic signal posts are being pushed back further away from the intersection. Probably for safety reasons.

Street Lights Moved Back, St. John’s sideroad, Aurora

And speaking of safety. I followed up on the sidewalk that was promised by the town to be installed on the intersection of St. John’s sideroad and Earl Stewart Drive, just beside the Superstore.

A year passed and nothing happened. I asked for the update and looks like nothing was going to happen again. So I made little squeaky noise and sidewalk design was promised for September. Will keep that on the close watch because of safety concern.

In conclusion, these are some of the changes that will be in store for next year in Aurora, but there will be more – downtown Aurora, Petch log house, Wells Street School conversion to lofts are some. Look out for more on changing Aurora posts.

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