Doors Open Aurora 2012, Aurora Masonic Hall & The Solved Mystery Became Once Again Unsolved

Doors Open Aurora 2012, Aurora Masonic Hall & The Solved Mystery Became Once Again Unsolved

For some reason this one was totally not anticipated visit to the Aurora Doors Open 2012 site. I didn’t have any maps on hand and as I drove by the doors in the building were open and inviting.

Masonic Hall, The Rising Sun Lodge No. 129 it is I told myself. For those who do not know, it is the building located not too far from the Aurora Armoury, beside the former Wells Street Public School. So I went inside.

Aurora Masonic Hall, The Rising Sun Lodge No. 129, Aurora

No luck with good pictures. It was kind of dark and I didn’t want to do any crazy photography. As always I asked if I could take pictures. No problem, and I figured if I am taking picture of something that I shouldn’t they will tell me. The hall was quite a spectacle. Interesting setting and lot of geometry.

I was asked if I had any questions. My reply was, ‘I don’t know where to start‘. He smiled, so I continued ‘What are Masons?‘, and the conversation began.

Aurora Masonic Hall, The Rising Sun Lodge No. 129, Aurora

At my arrival I didn’t know anything about Masons and by the time I left the Masonic Hall I almost knew everything – there is no mystery, just an organization doing good stuff.

Secret society? Just a rumor. I was informed that I can find good reading on the Internet. I thought about it. If they were secret society there would be no Doors Open.

Aurora Masonic Hall, The Rising Sun Lodge No. 129

Intrigued by the conversation I did go on Internet the same night and did some reading. One thing lead to another and I think everything just got so misdiagnosed. I got confused – just too many conspiracy theories, and I guess I am back to unsolved mystery.

I think for this post I will just let you to enjoy few photographs I took and leave the rumbling out. However, for those who enjoy that kind of stuff the Masonic Hall is a site to visit. Hopefully it will be on the list for Doors Open 2013.

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Anna Lozyk Romeo

I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.


  1. A little trivia for you…

    the sign in your first photo used to have a twin and was in another location a short walk away. The sign was set up in V-Formation to sit at the foot of Mosely Street in front of Aurora United Church. The church attempted to find replacement light bulbs that were no longer in stock. The letters were also hard to push in to change the message from week to week.

    The church changed to their current large sign that currently sits more towards Tyler & Yonge Street and the masons took over the sign and moved it to it’s current location. Not sure if the lights work anymore but nonetheless there it is.

  2. Most of America’s founders were Masons, and the currency bears lots of Masonic symbols. I’ve thought about becoming a Mason but I really hate meetings.

  3. Thanks Michael that is interesting story about the sign.
    Your contributions are always appreciated and welcome.
    May be one day you will come back to Aurora.
    Anna :)

  4. Marvin, yeah I hate meetings too, but if you join I think you will have to dress up too. I think don’t take my word for it, lol.
    Hope all is well, excellent flow of posts on your part – I don’t know how you do it, to get so many ideas every day.
    Anna :)