Not Lost Credit Cards, But Forgotten Credit Cards, Wrist Strap Necessary

Not Lost Credit Cards, But Forgotten Credit Cards, Wrist Strap Necessary

Just before lunch we dropped by the Superstore in Aurora. We found the Superman costume for my boy, and two bottles of bubble soap. The bubble soap was on sale half price. I was waiting for the price drop and eventually it came.

At the register I scanned everything, I reached for my wallet and …. no credit card. Where did I put it? How did I loose it? Questions were pounding through my head. I paid cash for everything and drove home. I looked at home everywhere. No sign of my credit card.

Then I remembered. I used it last at Store X on Friday night. Before I call and report on lost credit card I decided to check with Store X. I called and yes they had it. I was little embarrassed. I forgot and left it in the credit card terminal. I let her know I will be there tonight to pick it up.

Later today we went to pick up my credit card at the Store X. Thinking of the embarrassment again and having anyone from Store X reminding me not to forget it again I was surprised to see this.

I came to the register desk and explained the situation. The lady at the information desk asked on what day I lost my card. She opened the drawer and picked up a stash of credit cards wrapped in the elastic band. Must have been at least 10. ‘Oh, sorry this is today only‘ – she replied. I was very surprised to see that many. Today only?

She turned around and reached out for a plastic container size of the shoe box. This is when I was really surprised. The box was almost full filled with credit cards and debit cards. Just an estimation. Being in bundles of 10, there were probably 15 bundles or more.

Oh that is just August alone and we will have to cut it up soon‘ – she added. ‘Here is Sepetmber 9 pile, which one‘ – she said.

That was a good ending.

I picked little something and paid for it at the register. I used my credit card. Inserted into the terminal and punched the code. I took the receipt and the bag.

Thank you for the sticker‘ – Matthew waved goodbye.

Oh and here don’t forget your credit card‘ – clerk waved the card at me.

I did it again.

Lost Credit Cards

This issue seems with the chip technology credit and debit cards. It is a secure feature with embedded chip inside the card that stores all the information as opposed to the black magnetic strip. The problem is that in the old days cards were swiped and card never left your hand or was passed on from the clerk directly to you.

There is still an option to slide the card, but that is if you don’t have the chip yet. If you have the chip you have to insert the card into the terminal. Another option is and probably better than the above is tapping a credit card on the terminal. Using tapping the card does not leave your hand. Card can have the extended life too as the black strip had a life span.

Well, it seems like the chip technology makes consumers to forget credit cards and debit cards in the terminal. The new credit/debit card chip technology compared to the Wii controller needs a wrist or wallet strap.

Lady was very nice and friendly at the information desk at the Store X. I took my second credit card with my signature and started to show her. She waved at me it was okay.

As much as it was nice to have that kind of trusting customer service. This is a big NO. With so little security anyone can claim the lost credit card.

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Anna Lozyk Romeo

I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.


  1. Wow, I wondered how common that was. You’re correct the requirement to remove the card from your hand as a component of the transaction is a UX design fail. I suppose the radio frequency card technology will claim that the wave and pay method will resolve this issue, but so would the stripe. Interestingly enough I find some retailers, like Shoppers instruct card users to swipe not insert chip, so I wonder if this is a store policy or a technical issue.

  2. Chris, thanks for all your comments.
    You know I don’t know, because when we go to Tim Horton’s sometimes we swipe and sometimes we tap. May be like you said, it is the store policy. Or depends on the card.
    I did not want to mention the store name, just in case someone gets an idea to pick up some credit cards and have fun. I also thought may be I should write them a quick note about their lame security procedures.
    My first chip technology credit card did not even require code, all I had to do is punch anything and it worked. How stupid? Especially when it was a new card because other one was hacked.
    Well, with every new technology there will be pros and cons, and probably more cones at the beginning.
    Thanks again,
    Anna :)

  3. So I did some shopping at Wal*mart and it beeps telling you to take the card out, tellers remind you on top of that.
    Anna :)

  4. Hi Anna,

    I finally managed to drop by this blog and I must say that I like it!
    So, it is usual to lose one’s credit card, eh? It never happened to me so I can’t comment much on it. Nevertheless, I loved your post on it.

    I will add this blog to my culture blogroll :D.
    Big hug to you and long live Living in Aurora!


  5. Ha! I’ve only lost one card. I’m pretty anal about putting mine away after I use it. But yesterday in the hotel, the clerk gave me my room key and I immediately misplaced it within five seconds of her handing it to me. She had to make me another. I eventually found it in a pocket I don’t normally use.

  6. Dear Max, I am so glad to see you here.
    Yeah things happen when new technologies are introduced.
    I will write you soon.
    Thanks again,
    Anna :)

  7. Marvin, I actually left couple debit cards in the machine, lol.
    I think I just have too many other things on my head rather than remembering to take my card with me :).
    Lol, about your story.
    Anna :)