Age Has No Limits, You Got To Love Seniors

Age Has No Limits, You Got To Love Seniors

Mar 15, 2013
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Yesterday, we went on a day trip with Matthew to climb the CN Tower. Okay, not physically. We left very early to catch the last GO Train downtown from the Aurora GO Train Station. That was fun and Matthew really enjoyed the ride.

Man and His Tablet, McDonalds, Town of Aurora

Glad that we didn’t have to do any outside activities, just walking to the CN Tower, because it was windy and cold. Windy usually is good because it blows the clouds away. Sometimes clouds come back with the wind but not yesterday. Just perfect weather for the CN Tower visit. I took over six hundred photos in about one hour from the 360 restaurant. The food was great and expensive. This time loved the Glass Floor, had not feared stepping on it. However, Matthew did. He didn’t want to stay on it.

Today I asked him ‘why were you scared of the glass floor at the CN Tower?‘ His reply was interesting one, I didn’t expected from 4.5 years old – ‘There were many scratches on the glass, I was afraid that it will break‘. Amazing, he is absolutely right, the glass surface did have lot of scratches. However, he had nothing to worry about, they do replace the first layer of the glass every year.

I don’t remember when last time I visited downtown Toronto, but I felt out of place. The crowds on the Union Station and on the streets of downtown. All full of people going somewhere.

We all slept in today, with one egg in the fridge no way my gang was going to be satisfied so we headed for McDonald’s breakfast.

After we purchased all our meals and settled upstairs by the window, we noticed that we didn’t have any utensils. I went to get it and I wasn’t getting really successful in getting attention of anybody behind the counter. Everyone was so busy that they ignored me completely but not in the bad way.

So I had no choice. First I asked if the gentleman beside me was already looked after. Nodded yes. Well then that leaves me to bring some attention here. I raise my both hands up and waved, of course with a big smile on my face ‘I really need some help here please’. Well I had may be over 30 people look in my directions, but so what I got my utensils.

Just before leaving the McDonalds an older man arrived and sat behind us, and instead of bringing a book or a newspaper, he takes out his tablet and started to navigate. Amazing. Glad to see that technology is used by every age group. My Dad is over 75 years old and sometimes I have to ask him to navigate his Blackberry tablet for me. Again amazing, age has no limits.

… and here are CN Tower pictures on my Facebook.

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