The Price Of Garlic, Gas Related?

The Price Of Garlic, Gas Related?

May 17, 2011
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We all experienced hard to swallow price surge at the gas pumps last week. According to news sources the average high was 1.39 cents/L. I was relieved to see almost 10 cents drop at the gas stations the other day, but not relieved and feel the anger because we couldn’t take adventage of this lower price that day – our gas tank was full.

Petro Canada Gas Station, Yonge Street & Aurora Heights Drive

Well I am having hard to swallow another price increase – the price of the local garlic. Garlic is a very popular herb, yet I never seen it to be an item on sale.


Few weeks ago I visited our local supermarkets in Aurora, and it amazed me to see how much difference there was in price for the garlic from China versus harvested here in Canada, classified as organic. The choice is mine, I can buy 1 kg of garlic from China for $4.99/kg or buy 250 grams of garlic from Canada for $4.99 which translates to $19.96/kg. Or wait for my parents and mother-in-law to give me some later in the season, or Aurora Farmers Market may have some at better prices.

Never mind in the store, the garlic from Canada didn’t look good either – the shoots were coming out.

Sometimes I wonder why do we have to pay more for the organic? Personally I think it is over-rated. And I think we are paying for the certification. How useful is certification I don’t know, but wouldn’t it be better that everything home grown was organic regardless of certification.

And to answer my title question above, no, definitely not gas related.

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