Something Is Missing In The Aurora Cultural Centre

Something Is Missing In The Aurora Cultural Centre

Once I looked at the walls of the Aurora Cultural Centre and thought – what were these diagonal scratch marks on the wall? As a matter of fact on the both sides.

It never occurred to me that they were the missing fire exit stairs. I guess with all the renovations and safety route implementation in the building there is no further need for such stairs. So that’s missing, but there is more …

Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora

I don’t know if it just me but The Auroran our local newspaper did not have anything interesting written up in the past weeks. Not that it is the newspaper’s fault, just nothing that really interested me. I am glad that Bonnie Tiffin was back once with her Letter to the Editor some issues back.

Perhaps the next issue will have something interesting written up (I thought) and it did.

I was intrigued by two Letters to the Editors, ‘Cultural Centre should stand on its own two feet: reader‘ by Matt Maddocks and ‘Aurora High teacher has made good use of Cultural Centre‘ by Richard Markie, Head of Drama, Aurora High School.

Two very valid letters, Matt’s letter is eye opener for tax payers and Richard’s, oh I really don’t know what to call it, but it is encouraging to know that the centre is beneficial to many of us. No doubt, I have seen for myself that our Cultural Centre is being utilized effectively.

Well, between those letters there is something missing, perhaps some Aurora Cultural Centre’s financial transparency.

Matt wrote ‘In my experience, I’ve learned that when a business starts spending significant marketing dollars, it usually means profits are up. It can also mean the business anticipates growth‘.

I would like to add ‘may be they just got a good chunk of taxpayer dollar and they needed to justify the spending; and a full-page thank you was a bad move as it angered many of us‘. But then one can only assume such thought of mine. By the way, the Letter to Editor costs nothing and some write them to thank others – a hint here.

Well the list does not end here. In the beginning of the February I was invited to photograph the SOYRA show and sale event. It turned out to be a very successful show.

Visual Arts Class of Sacred Heart Catholic High School

During the same event, upstairs in one of the rooms it was last day art show for the Luisa Capelet’s Grade 12 Visual Arts Class of Sacred Heart Catholic High School. The art work for that show was inspired by Canadian Abstract Expressionist Cesan D’Ornellas Levine. There were paintings but there was also other art objects on the display.

Visual Arts Class of Sacred Heart Catholic High School

The same could be done for the Aurora history and museum artifacts. Library is already doing it and there is no one reason why Aurora Cultural Centre can do the same, but on the permanent basis. Yes, if there is no place for the museum at least we can share spaces.
‘Trust, honesty, humility, transparency and accountability are the building blocks of a positive reputation. Trust is the foundation of any relationship.’ ~ Mike Paul

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