Lurking At The Aurora Jazz+ Festival 2012, We GO Wild !!

Lurking At The Aurora Jazz+ Festival 2012, We GO Wild !!

Aug 11, 2012
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Didn’t attend the Aurora Jazz+ Festival 2012, but we had an opportunity to lurk during our visit to the Aurora Farmer’s Market. It was a long weekend Civic Holiday and once in a while, no offence to the town, we just need to get out of the town and see other places.

The music played. When the music plays it is always harder to leave the park. The music did play to show off the Aurora Jazz+ Festival on Saturday prior the event, but this time it wasn’t enough to keep us around – it was just too hot. Matthew didn’t even want to go inside the Fire Truck that was there – I was surprised.

Aurora Farmer’s Market, Town Park

So this is the issue we would have. For our four year old the festival wouldn’t work. I know admission is per person per day but then just the headache of going back and forth, and then we have to have him in bed by eight o’clock.

George St. Kitts (right), Aurora Jazz+ Festival, Town Park

Well at least we got to lurk a bit on Saturday morning. I watched one girl singing, and three dance performances. I think singing part was great, dancing was good. Perhaps seeing signs for the Aurora Jazz+ Festival I would expect to hear something more jazzy, but I didn’t. I guess if you don’t attend the festival you get jazz+.

The good news was that Canada won their first gold medal that day and we got to hear it from the festival organizers. Congratulations to Rosie MacLennan for winning Canada’s gold medal, and I just learned, she blogs. Here is intriguing blog post (A day later, I am still pinching myself!) – it isn’t that easy to be an athlete I must conclude. By the way, she is from the neighborhood, King City native.

Canada Won First Gold Medal, Sher St. Kitts, Town Park

Last weekend we left the town. We GO Wild !! at the African Lion Safari zoo. It was little more expensive than staying in town, but it was worth going. We purchased hotel and admission package and stayed overnight in Cambridge.

Now for those who never been to the African Lion Safari – no you don’t have to take your own car to drive through the park (that was in the old days), there is a bus that will take you in the wild safari ride (at extra charge).

But what you also must know that there are other attractions included in the admission – unlimited boat cruises, unlimited train rides, elephants shows, birds of pray shows, bird of paradise shows, amazing water park, playgrounds, activity play areas, animal displays, pony rides (sorry that was rip off), food courts, gift shops and free parking.

We really had lots of fun considering that this was our first time going with Matthew on the small vacation out of town. Monday was a nice and cool day as well.

Aqua Dancers, Aurora Jazz+ Festival, Town Park

Now, lets lurk over to the community FOCUS LivingInAurora.COM site because we are starting to see traffic activity in addition interest in writing expressed by few.

Myself and my husband (and Matthew too), we started this community project or community blog site for everyone to express their views, write opinions, stories or create personal or business profile in our AURORA Directory. This site was designed for the Auroran community. You can write regularly or occasionally.

In addition to all this good news about our community project, we are also pleased to introduce Councillor John Abel, our new contributor, who expressed interest to write regularly on the community FOCUS site.

Not like us, John Abel was able to attend the Aurora Jazz+ Festival that weekend and he shares jazz festival insights in his first part 1 post, Aurora Jazz+ Festival 2012, The Event Observations, Part 1.

Solo Dancer, Aurora Jazz+ Festival, Town Park

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