Interesting Visit To The Aurora Public Library, Mario & Luigi Came Along

Interesting Visit To The Aurora Public Library, Mario & Luigi Came Along

I thought I make this a bit up close and personal post, but then most of my posts usually are. Well three months passed and Matthew is still adjusting to school, his first year in Junior Kindergarten. We have good mornings and we have mornings that he will not want to go school.

But the teacher tells me that he has lots of fun in school, participates and eats well. He is starting to interact more socially. Its funny to hear him, ‘we boys played together today, and girls were not allowed in our area‘. Matthew always enjoyed interacting and conversing with other children and when he went to school I noticed he had a bit trouble finding a friend to play with. Last Tuesday he surprised me, ‘Mommy Andrei is my best friend again, we played restaurant together, and we had so so much fun.’ Perhaps that is what he needs.

Children use their imaginations and create their own play scenarios, and Matthew starting to do so. He recently became good friends with Mario and Luigi (Nintendo characters). He always was friends with Mario, but this is first time where he actually converses with both of them.

Inside the Aurora Public Library, Second Floor

Last Wednesday we visited the Aurora Public Library. Matthew did not resist because he wanted to show the library to his new friends. We were on the way out but in the last minute he had to go washroom. While waiting I overheard his conversation. Yes he brought them inside the washroom. ‘Oh Mario and Luigi I cannot pick you up yet, I have to wash my hands‘.

Matthew at the Aurora Public Library

While we were driving to the library he was showing Mario and Luigi all the things outside – trees, cars, Arboretum. We took Wellington Street and turned on Wells Street. While passing by the Town Park Matthew goes, ‘and here is Aurora Farmer’s Market, oh and it is closed now‘.

Then we got to the library. He was holding Mario and Luigi at the entrance and quietly said Hi on behalf of them to the librarian. I think he was a bit shy of his pretend toy friends.

So we went up stairs. Since the last episode of going unexpectedly to the library basement, Matthew enjoys now walking up and down the stairs. Sometimes we look down on the mechanical parts when the elevator is above us on the second floor.

That day most of his time Matthew spent playing children programs on the computer and he was holding Mario and Luigi in his hand as they were watching him playing.

Mario and Luigi Visiting Aurora Public Library

When children have imagination we just have to go with it. Sometimes I get so much resistance to go on the adventures in Aurora. JK is is big change for him and he often says ‘oh it is so nice to be home, can we stay home today?‘ or ‘I am so tired today‘. But that day was different, he had new friends coming with him.

Aurora Public Library, Second Floor Gallery

So what’s new at the Aurora Public Library. Well the gallery showcase on the second floor Tobermory Remembered: Landscape photography by Simeon Posen is new. More happy watching as APL recently changed its policy regarding DVD renewals. DVDs can now be renewed twice as long as they are not on hold. Something we always asked for.

May be just one more thing – important updates from the community FOCUS site. Our Aurora related content is slowly growing. The Town Politics and Lifestyle section is dominating, and we have few regular contributors Matt Maddocks, John Abel and Andrew Fogliato. Traffic is picking up and sometimes we get nice traffic spikes depending on the issues that come up in the town. We have few Aurora Directory submissions in the works.

We also have few focus page proposals in the works as well. We did in fact submitted proposal to the Sesquicentennial Ad Hoc Committee (SAC) to have a focus/landing page for the 150th Anniversary of Aurora for all the related content and events for absolutely free. Unfortunately our offer was declined because Town chooses potentially to pay $25,000 for the domain name, hosting and site design. The truth is even if the town designs their own site it does not have to cost that much.

Oh well so much for the community involvement, sounds like controlled one, but this will not stop us to continue with the anniversary focus page proposal. Stay tuned.

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