Coyotes Back In Aurora, February Start Of The Mating Season, Happy Valentines

Coyotes Back In Aurora, February Start Of The Mating Season, Happy Valentines

I have been deliberating – got no pictures of coyotes, have seen couple and no body is emphasizing that coyote mating season starts in February. I doubt they are looking for a dog companion perhaps more like food for Valentine’s dinner.

Yes I have been deliberating if I should write few things that I have on my mind about coyotes – everyone else did it including politicians.

So I have seen two coyotes.

St. Andrew's Golf Course

Not this year. But last year I saw one crossing Vandorf (common in that area).

Then few months later the second coyote I saw was in the Hamilton Park soccer field (near St. John’s sideroad). That day on the opposite side of the field I spotted unleashed dog sniffing around.

I don’t trust unleashed dogs, so myself and Matthew decided to head home. I know I turned few times behind me and there was no sign of any dog owner, just that one dog. He looked like Husky from far away. It hit me later.

Just Husky Dog In The Dog Leash Free Park, Industrial Parkway

My neighbour once told me (3-4 years ago) that five or six coyotes have been killed in that same area, Hamilton Park soccer field. There was no publicity for that event. The same neightbour told me that she many times heard howling at night, but then it went away. I guess her killing story was correct.

Few weeks ago, my other neighbour couple of times saw coyotes coming out the St. Andrew’s Golf Course. I guess no body is golfing now so they have place for themselves to hunt. That one time the coyotes face was all bloody – she told me.

I understand that food chain is important, but I prefer vegetarian animals over the meat eating coyotes. Oh just the image of the poor rabbit being eaten. Oh, on other note my backyard rabbit is also missing.

Community Arboretum, Coyotes On The Map

My thoughts.

What can we do? Do not kill and do not relocate, and do not feed. Stay alert and educate yourself. The bottom line is that coyotes always will be in our area and there is nothing we can do beside to be alert and to be cautious.

Do I like it? No, not one bit, but this is not any different than having a giant dog off the leash running around the neighbourhood. So may be this is a wake up call for dog owners to keep dogs on the leash at all times.

Now that we have all this attention going on in our town about coyotes I thought that we may need a map of coyotes sightings. That will be a very useful page that can be added to any of the Town of Aurora printed materials released to the public.

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  1. Then again, I’ve never seen coyotes take down a pit bull. ;->

  2. Lol, me neither.
    Pit bulls are illegal in Ontario so it won’t happen.
    Anna :)