The Petch House, A New Journey

The Petch House, A New Journey

Jul 9, 2011
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The Petch house is getting a lot of attention in THE AURORA and The Banner lately. Lengthy articles are written. Columns are filled with letters to the editor. The Petch house itself is being prepared for the move.

Fenced Petch House

The chain link fence now surrounds the house. Little by little, patched up areas are being cleaned off the outside walls or surface of the logs – evidence of contrast between faded and darker wetter surface areas. The corners are now strapped and supported, especially the one which were slowly sliding out and deteriorating. Not sure, but the inside is probably being cleaned out as well.

Petch House, Strapping

After sitting on the lot on Leslie Street, just south of Wellington Street East for many years now, the Petch house starts a new journey. Its destiny for a while was in a jeopardy. There is a hope, but what’s next? A battle to determine if the house should really be placed in the Community Arboretum beside the Aurora Town Hall.

Petch House, Back

Aha, the plan and the location requested by the Friends of Petch house was clear – in Petchville near the Stronach Recreation Complex and the Urban Wildlife Park to be authentic as possible. Now we are in the pulling-a-rope-mode again. Why can’t we just help the Friends of the Petch house to follow their plan and vision, instead of altering. I see costly battle in the horizon.

Petch House, Facing Sun

I personally met Ms. Katherine Belrose who is the driving force behind saving the log house. Because of her motivation, courage and personal investment both time and monetary, the town should grant her full control to lead the project. Her vision and path is clear. Her interest is pure. She is the person to trust right now.

Petch House

This is something to think about. The Petch house is a relic of our town and it should be preserved. The proper location for the house to grow its new roots is also an important factor in its new journey.

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