community FOCUS Website For Town of Aurora, A Different Kind Of Walk Today

community FOCUS Website For Town of Aurora, A Different Kind Of Walk Today

Jun 11, 2012
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Today let me take you for a walk. Not outside and not inside, but the virtual kind of walk. A walk through just published site for the Town of Aurora community, the community FOCUS virtual site LivingInAurora.COM. It took a long time to assemble this site and we are very pleased and happy to have it up and running.

Nokiidaa Trail Link Boardwalk, Aurora

Let me tell you more about it then.

The name says it all. The community FOCUS site is for you. The site is for you to write about anything and very focused on Aurora. You can express your views, opinions, issues, start discussions or even share the news. You can write essays and you can write stories.

The site is organized based on areas of specific interests and as the content will grow you will see more categories introduced. You can even suggest a topic.

Go Station Parking in Aurora

In addition it will be a resource site to everything in Aurora from outdoors recreations to indoor shopping, entertainment and events. We are inviting everyone from Aurora Ontario to submit a profile to our AURORA Directory – people, bloggers, small business owners and big business owners – all of you can participate and it is absolutely FREE.

We have certain guidelines but not to worry, they are designed to work for you, to give you better ranking and better exposure in the virtual world, a world we are heading towards to.

There are always beginnings. With town politics always on the spotlight we teamed up with Matt Maddocks who will have a regular column with us – Point of Privilege on our Town Politics focus page. Matt have been writing letters to editor in our local newspaper The Auroran or commenting on few Aurora blogs regularly. We are very pleased to have someone like Matt on board, but wait Matt will tell you more in his first introductory post on the community FOCUS site.

There is always lots to talk about when comes to politics – so don’t be shy you can write as well.

Having said that – focus pages, example being Town Politics, will be added regularly as we get public interest in writing their opinions/views, reviews or stories. We have in mind History/Heritage, Arts & Culture or Sports to start. Columns are available. Cartoonists are welcome.

Note that commercial writing to promote your Aurora, Ontario business for consumers is also welcome. Read our Message Board for more information.

Now, we have also introduced Aurora-Youth-Writes project.

Yes we want Aurora youth to participate as well.

We want to give Aurora youth writing opportunities as well. A column will be great opportunity to create a writing portfolio for those who want to enter writing field, especially journalism. You can read more about this here: Aurora-Youth-Writes Project Initiative – Writing Opportunities for Town of Aurora Youth. Talk to your children.

Town Hall, Town of Aurora

Not to overwhelm you I will conclude my virtual walk for today and let you tour the site for yourself – community FOCUS LivingInAurora.COM. Lots of great writing opportunities for everyone.

Just so you know, my role on the community FOCUS site will be to moderate the site, organize received content, manage site updates, write newsletters, write about updates and write resource content. Feel free to write me if you have any questions or even concerns.

No worries I will continue to write on this blog and to confuse you more, this photo journal blog is LivingInAurora.CA and the community FOCUS site is LivingInAurora.COM. Don’t ask why?

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