Black Widow Spider Found In A Bag Full Of Grapes, And Free To Good Home, Dahhh

Black Widow Spider Found In A Bag Full Of Grapes, And Free To Good Home, Dahhh

Few nights ago I was watching the CP24 news about the Black Widow spider that was found in a bag of grapes. This is not a first time I heard that. So they talked about this and that about the spider.

Fall Spiders, Tim Taylor Trail

In the concluding remark of this breaking news it was implied by the news anchor that the owner is looking to find a good home.

What the Wack! A home for the Black Widow spider! Give me a break. Just put them to rest as stated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency:If a spider falls into the sink it is recommended that the spider be killed rather than captured.

I don’t care what kind of spider it is, I don’t like spiders. I like photographing them though. This Black-and-yellow argiope (Argiope aurantia) I found right across the Case Woodlot on Henderson Drive sometimes in August. That was a good size spider too. This alerts me also may be I should be more careful going into the high grass area, something I often do.

Black-and-yellow argiope, Case Woodlot, Aurora

Black-and-yellow argiope, Case Woodlot, Aurora

When they are small like this one on the rusty bridge railing, they don’t bother me as much. It is the web. Few times I got my self tangled in the spider web, and it creeps me out. Have I ever been bitten? I think so. Once in the neck when we hiked in Cape Breton about 5 years ago. I got small reaction but nothing serious.

Jumping Spider, Nokiidaa Trail Link, Connecting Bridge

And this little creature below I shook off Matthew’s jacket on the Nokiidaa Trail link boardwalk back in November. Not sure what it is but hopefully was harmless.

Spider, Nokiidaa Trail Link, Boardwalk, Aurora

So winter is coming. Days are colder and getting shorter and that means less time outside for us with camera. I took lot of images this spring, summer and fall so I am sure there will be plenty stuff for me to write about living in Aurora.

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  1. Creepy Anna. I don’t like spiders either, but they are mostly harmless and many very beneficial. Did you know that most of us have swallowed one or two in our sleep? Or maybe that is an urban myth?