Last Week The Hottest Days In Years, Noise Pollution

Last Week The Hottest Days In Years, Noise Pollution

Jul 25, 2011
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It was hot – sizzling hot and humid. Last week, especially Thursday was the hottest day in years. Here in Aurora we were lucky as the skies were overcast most of the time during the peak hour, and that kept our house cooler. Our temperature inside the house is set between 27-28 C all summer long.

That day zooming in and out through our patio door was good one way, and not so cool the other way. Coming out felt like walking into the blast of heat from a fireplace, and coming into the house felt like walking into the fridge. I am sure there was at least 10 degrees difference.

Now you may ask, what does the noise pollution has to do with the hot days? No, not the road traffic noise. Air crafts making their usual runs. The punctual train noise is always there. No not any of that stuff is in my mind right now.

I dislike the air conditioner noise. I dislike continuous noise. I have been exposed few times to no noise in my life, and no noise was always my preference. For 14 years of my life I live in the house with no central cooling or heating system. We had ways to beat the hot or cold days in the year. Going away up to the cottage or camping with friends we always enjoyed shade from the trees or beach water. I will always remember day we had the block-out. It was so nice to enjoy the quietness and actually hear people talking when we sat in our Muskoka chairs that night.

This year we installed awning above our patio door, new doors and energy efficient windows. By shading section of the wall around the patio door, we can keep our kitchen much cooler now. I am actually surprised how much difference it makes. We also planted some trees when we moved here mainly for the shade and some privacy, and now they almost grown to full size trees, providing additional shade in the afternoon.

As I get older I have greater appreciation where and how I grew up. It was much more quiet then. Everything makes noise now days, not to mention children’s toys, that once in the blue moon they make noise at night just to give you a heart attack.

So for hot and sizzling days they are still ways to prevent your air conditioning running at full blast. I am in favor of techniques such night ventilation, blocking the heat and moisture from entering the inside, and something we don’t have – cooling with cold water.

Stay cool, looks like some rain is in the forecast.

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  1. I thought I was the only one who doesn’t like AC/heater noise. These days its the train noise…
    We just moved here in Aurora last October, but didnt think I would be hearing any train noise from Bayview/Wellington area. I used to live in cities and I dont know how I dealt with all the car noise before. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your posting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts of Aurora. I think we made a right decision choosing Aurora as Home!