Emerging Green

Emerging Green

Apr 10, 2011
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Finally spring arrived (physically), but for how long no body knows. However, we were blessed with beautiful weekend. Temperatures reached double digits. People were wearing short sleeves and shorts. As usual birds were singing away but then for them no matter if it is cold or warm. People doing spring cleaning inside and outside. Garden centers were filled with people. We heard sounds of first thunder. And the best sign of all, the green grass started to show its true colors. Hope everyone in Aurora enjoyed their weekend as much as I did.

Looking over St. Andrew's Golf Course

If you look closely at the photo you will see the green shades on the rolling hills.

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Anna Lozyk Romeo

I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.

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