Town of Aurora Museum Future Locations Proposed

Town of Aurora Museum Future Locations Proposed

Apr 6, 2011
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For 13 years I was planning to visit our museum in Aurora. Well surprise surprise – we don’t have one anymore. I guess that’s what happens if you plan your trip for too long – there will be no trip, as for now there is not trip to the museum.

Since museum is a recent buzz word in the town news, and no body really talks about where and what. I have decided to throw some ideas on the table here.

First collecting some information.
  • For Councillor Evelyn Buck, one of her commitments is bring a museum back to Aurora. Noting that the Aurora Historical Society has asked for additional funds for a curator, she said that she was intent on that being met.‘ – a quote from the newspaper article ‘Budget drops again’, THE AURORAN, Week of March 29, 2011, Vol. 11 No. 22, pg 1, 12.
  • The York Region District School Board is going ahead with plans to put the Wells Street School site in downtown Aurora up for sale, while extending the Town’s deadline to make an offer of “fair market value” until June as requested.‘ – a quote from the newspaper article ‘Want to buy a school?, THE AURORAN, Week of March 29, 2011, Vol. 11 No. 22, pg 1, 12.
  • The Aurora Historical Society was founded in 1963 and is run by a dedicated number of volunteers. The society has worked tirelessly for the last 47 years to support and preserve the history of Aurora through its operation of Hillary House National Historic Site, the Koffler Museum of Medicine, and the Aurora Collection. The AHS played a major role in restoring the Church Street School (Aurora Cultural Centre) which is now where the Aurora Collection is stored. The vast artifact and archival collection includes over 8,000 items as well as a rare book and reference library.‘ – a long quote from the newsletter ‘The Aurora Historical Society – Profile’, Aurora Cultural Centre Highlights, Winter 2011, pg 6.

Aurora Cultural Centre

The above items give me a good start here. I don’t know how did the Museum change hands with the Aurora’s Cultural Centre (better explained by Evelyn Buck here); however, as Evelyn Buck is determined to find a new home for the Aurora Museum, I thought that I will be determined here to throw some ideas on the table. Excuse me if they are repeats, because I am sure that lot of ideas were probably already thrown around the table somewhere.

As my thinking process goes, here are some keywords or buzz words in the recent news – Wells Street School for sale, Petch House – don’t know what to do house, Aurora Library needs funding, future Town of Aurora hall renovations, Aurora Cultural Centre – blooming.

Now that I brained-stormed, here are my suggestions for the new Aurora Museum location(s):
  • Aha, Wells Street School for sale. 8,000 artifacts seems a lot plus rare book and reference library. Why not buy this place, and set up museum in the Wells Street School. It is already historic site.
  • Aha number two – we don’t know what to do with Petch house? Well why not make this a new place for Aurora’s Museum, it is after all a historic place.
  • Personally this one is my favorite. Why not set up exhibits around the Aurora. That is, if Town of Aurora hall is going to be renovated (supposedly), why not make a provision for display cases for some of the 8,000 artifacts. Add some display cases in the Cultural Centre. The rare book and reference library move to Aurora Library and have some artifacts placed there too. This option gives greatest visibility and access to the archives for those interested, and for those who are not but will be when visiting town hall or library.

Aurora Cultural Centre

Everything cost money. I don’t think that finding a place is only Councillors job. The Historical Society should layout some proposals. All you have to do is pick a place, do cost analysis, that is cost of proposed property, cost of move, cost of materials, cost of restoration, cost of future maintenance, etc.

I think this should be easy project to do. Give few alternatives, I am sure quotes are free from those who want the job. After all, I don’t think I should be the one here telling everyone what to do. The bottom line is that we need the Aurora Museum back so I can finally complete my planned trip.

So here is my take on the next location for the Museum, and what is yours?

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