Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day, Event Photo Coverage

Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day, Event Photo Coverage

May 4, 2011
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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day event past Saturday April 30th, but I came just in time for lunch at the Town Park, as spectator only. The truth is that I had some time during the afternoon, day was really beautiful for pictures and I wanted to take some photos of the Wells St. School, which I did. However, why not, I snapped some famous faces from Aurora. I know only few, but some stood out for a reason.

To start it was refreshing to see this add in green this time.

May 1st, 2011 Mandatory Use of Compostable Bags For Green Bin

A young lady singing beautifully with her band.

Singing Voices

Former Town of Aurora Mayor Tim Jones proudly supporting Libral candidate for Newmarket-Aurora Kyle Peterson and talking to the people in the crowd.

Former Mayor Tim Jones

I thought this photo below is a must for the event. I always enjoy when people wear something traditional and stand out in the crowd.

The Spirit of Traditions

Venessa Long, the Green Party candidate for Newmarket-Aurora. I am assuming she is with her family here. I didn’t vote for the Green Party this time, but I gave my signature so she can run as a candidate in Newmarket-Aurora. Little contribution, but better than nothing.

Venessa Long

Our Mayor of course.

Current Mayor of Town of Aurora, Geoff Dawe

A man proudly supporting the event. He did look like someone I have seen before. However, I loved the spirit and involvement with the crowd.

Event Supporter

Lastly, this must be the event photographer. It may sound funny, but those behind cameras rarely are photographed. So how can you ever proof that the picture you took is yours.

Event Photographer

I am sure this turned out to be a successful Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day.

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