Canada Day July 1st, 2012 Town of Aurora Celebration, Aurora’s Young Canadians

Canada Day July 1st, 2012 Town of Aurora Celebration, Aurora’s Young Canadians

There is first time for everything and this year was our first attending the July 1st Canada Day parade in Aurora. Everything worked out great – the parking, the spot, and getting there on time to see the beginning of the red-white, truly Canadian decorated parade.

Beautifully decorated moving displays. Happy Canada shouts and waves to the crowd. But that was not it, it was the spirit of the people celebrating the Canada Day in Aurora.

Town of Aurora Celebrates, Happy Canada Day 2012

I took zillion of pictures. It will be impossible for me to include them in one post here, therefore this week I will have the Canada Day special – series of various topic posts and of course celebration images to share.

Note, if you see a photo of someone you know or of yourself, by all means you can have 4×6/5×7 digital copy for personal use and if used on other website name credit is appreciated. Just drop me a comment or see contact page for my email address.

Town of Aurora Celebrates, Happy Canada Day 2012

It was amazing to see children and youth be involved in the parade. It was amazing to see lot of families with children attending and celebrating. Therefore, this post is dedicated to the Aurora’s young Canadians.

Look at those picture. Not hard to notice how greatly young Auroran’s engaged in this year’s celebration. The faces on the photos show it all – smiles, discipline, motivation, dedication, respect.

Town of Aurora Celebrates, Happy Canada Day 2012

Well this give me an opportunity to talk about youth’s engagement in Canadian history, politics and environment. I came across few articles and websites on the internet worth reviewing. I wasn’t even aware of so many things that are available for young Canadians.

Let start with Forum for young Canadians: ‘Forum for Young Canadians, now in its 37th year, is an annual series of one-week sessions held in the fall and spring. Each year, a total of 315 young Canadians aged 15 to 19 come to Parliament Hill to experience first-hand how the Government of Canada works. Canadian Heritage is investing more than $80 million each year in youth programming to allow more than 100,000 youth across Canada to learn about their country.
Source: Harper Government Invests in Canada’s Youth: Forum for Young Canadians.

Then there is the initiative connecting Young Canadians to nature and history. Nature Canada and the Historica-Dominion Institute, Parks Canada initiative of the My Parks Pass which grants Grade 8 / Secondary 2 Canadian students free access for one full year to any of Parks Canada’s national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas.

The My Parks Pass program has reached over 400,000 young Canadians each year and I have had the chance to personally see the sparkle in their eyes as they get, in many cases, a first glimpse of Canada’s most treasured natural and historic places,” said the Honourable Peter Kent, Canada’s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada. “Canada’s future lies in the hands of its young people, and I’m proud to be giving them an opportunity to experience and develop a meaningful connection to the very essence of Canada.
Source: Government of Canada Connecting Young Canadians to Nature and History.

Government Canada also has a very resourceful site for Youth Canada – jobs, careers, education, money, health and more. And of course there is a blog and Derek is the author.

Great opportunities for young Canadians everywhere and I would like to introduce one more initiative I am starting, Aurora-Youth-Writes. The community FOCUS (livinginaurora.COM) platform is for everyone; however, we would like to invite the Aurora youth to participate as well.

Topics are endless – politics, history, art, music, sports or environment. You can write opinions or views, stories, or publish poems, and may be initiate discussions. Excellent opportunity to create live writing portfolio. Excellent opportunity for us adults to hear young Auroran’s voice.

Summer vacations are now in effect but I will be approaching schools and organizations to promote Aurora youth to write. Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining this initiative please write me. Note that all the posts and comments on the community FOCUS site are moderated

Happy Canada Day!

Town of Aurora Celebrates, Happy Canada Day 2012

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  1. Anna, My abiding memory of two visits to Canada was the pride that Canadians have in their wonderful country- your pictures capture that in the scenes and faces.

  2. Thank you Phil for visiting and commenting. It was great day.
    Anna :)