Aurora Street Festival, All The People I Don’t Know & Know

Aurora Street Festival, All The People I Don’t Know & Know

I bet I captured almost all the people at the Aurora Chamber Street Festival walking along the Yonge Street last Sunday June 2nd, 2013. If you would like to find yourself on my photos then you can check out my Facebook album ‘Aurora Chamber Street Festival, June 2, 2013‘ – oh and good luck.

For the small town, town like Aurora, we really do have a great community here. I would never thought that I will be able to walk the longest, busy street festival and met so many people I know, and I like it because I have then more stories to tell.

Unfortunately, some people still think that I am from SNAP. What do you think? Perhaps it is time to get my own tag saying – NOT MEDIA or JUST A BLOGGER.

Michelle, Autism Support Services

When I arrived I thought no problem I only need few pictures and I will be out at no time. How wrong was I? Believe or not, three hours later I was finally back at my car.

The first person I spotted was Michelle who is offering Autism Support Services at her booth. I met Michelle last summer during play days at Chris Watt’s house, and if I recall I did meet her once at the Aurora Public Library. Small world, or just small Aurora.

Watson’s Family Karate, Mike and Joan Watson, Aurora Chamber Street Festival

I arrived a bit earlier for Arron Morris’, The Manatee Band performance. So I stopped by Watson’s Family Karate booth to photograph interesting karate demonstrations. I used to do kickboxing at Watson’s when I was much younger, but I slowed down now and Tai Chi is just all I need. I didn’t get a chance to say hello since I had to run back to the Newmarket Jazz+ Festival booth.

Charlotte Watts, Aurora Chamber Street Festival

As I was walking back I spotted Chris Watts with his two girls. It was fun chatting with Chris once again while Charlotte was enjoying her ice-cream.

Johnmark, Cracklin’ Kettle Corn, Aurora Chambers Street Festival

Eventually I got to the end of the street festival that physically ended at the Wellington Street. And who do I see there in the corner? The Cracklin’ Kettle Corn booth. These guys sell the best cracklin’ popcorn at the Aurora Farmers Market every Saturday. Here meet Johnmark if you haven’t yet.

Batman, Aurora Chamber Street Festival

Never know may be that was the real Batman. At least he looked like he was. Since I stopped twice by the Batman’s booth (can’t remember who he was representing) I can assume that I know him. He kept posing and I kept taking pictures, probably thought I was from SNAP.

Alexandra Riccio, AHS Community Development Assistant & Matthew

It is always good to see Alex from the Aurora Historical Society. She is my source to all the good happenings at the Hillary House. Also I got to meet her brother Matthew. Not to mention I run into Catherine Richards and Suzanne Reiner in the busy festival crowds.

A Couple, Aurora Chamber Street Festival.

I don’t know who these two are on this picture (above), but I liked the outcome.

Matt Maddocks, Aurora Chamber Street Festival

Once I made a turn at the Wellington Street I was more or less heading home. On the way back I met my good friend Matt Maddocks. We chatted for a bit and decided to finish up our conversation some other time.

David Heard, Aurora Chamber Street Festival

I didn’t even get chance to stop by David Heard’s booth, but he always seems to spot my camera’s and wave at them, or me.

Frank Klees, Aurora Chamber Street Festival

Couldn’t miss this. I have decided to snap few pictures of Frank Klees as I was passing by, MPP for the riding of Newmarket—Aurora. Next thing I am being directed by one of the guys from Frank’s booth what pictures to take. Again, I was mistaken to be from media, but he didn’t really care when I told him I fly solo. I also got picture with Frank Klees (the longest photo taking ever). Got to know him finally. We talked about me and then I really headed home.

This is not all the people I have met on that day. There were many more. Most of you are reading this blog so you know who you are.

When I finally arrived at my car I got a surprise email from Gina, Tristan’s mom. Tristan and my son Matthew are both in the same school and same class (JK). We sometimes see each other at the school in the morning dropping off our children or picking them up.

She wrote me: ‘It’s so funny, I have been reading your blog since I moved to Aurora (a year and a half ago). I found it when I was first trying to learn what the town had to offer. Your site is fantastic by the way. What’s funny, is I only just realized that its you that writes the blog. I didn’t make the connection before for some reason, but I just recently recognized you from the photo on the blog.

… and that email made my day!

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  1. Great photos Anna. The B&W ones especially have a neat quality to them. The “real” Snappers actually shot our booth twice. I guess I spent the same three hours as you walking from booth to booth talking with Aurora business owners. Sorry I missed seeing you during our traverses.