Earth Hour, Lead By Example

Earth Hour, Lead By Example

I think the Earth Hour is great initiative that promotes simple no brain-er task to save energy and I cannot believe that it is here again, time really flies. I seem to enjoy this electricity free hour, and I happened to enjoy those hours many times throughout the year.

Earth Hour for 2012 is here and starts tomorrow March 31st between 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM (local Aurora time), make sure you switch off your lights to show your commitment to the fight against climate change.

Hamilton Park, Playground, Aurora

On the other hand it is kind of ironic. We spend so much energy and time to promote the Earth Hour here in our town, but then walking around the town I find this peculiarities that just don’t make sense. Look at the photo and tell me what is wrong with this picture?

Town should be leading by example, but sometimes I wonder.

Earth Hour is telling us something, if you add up small things you can make a big difference. What is that one hour per year in one day? Nothing really, yet it means a lot if you add up all these hours together.


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