What’s With Bell, Someone Is Using My Internet and I Am Paying For It, Called Stealing BTW

What’s With Bell, Someone Is Using My Internet and I Am Paying For It, Called Stealing BTW

Finally I have something for my Wacky Aurora Hub category to post – sorry no pictures this time. The Bell story is worth posting to make you aware what sometimes can happen with your Internet usage, but I can also assure you that you will never find the answers either.

Let me tell you. No matter how tight you are, there is no such a thing as the Internet security, absolutely nothing is secured. My websites have been hacked, my personal email been accessed by someone in Russia and just recently someone was using our home Internet and we were paying for it.

I received e-bill from Bell. What? This is a third time I went over my bandwidth of 25 Gb. I paid two dollars per each gig over. The third bill payment from Bell became suspicious. Because of the first two over payments on the Internet usage, Matthew was not allowed to use my computer anymore. We thought it was the youtube cartoons. We used less, still we were over.

To reinforce my suspicion I did not use Internet for two days, and still 2 Gb was consumed per day. Aha … something was definitely wrong.

How can it be? We don’t have wireless live because it is never secured. With sophisticated equipment hackers can hack your wirelees in no time.

We called Bell first time. They were clueless. Suggested to change the password. I did not.

My husband took over the calls. He got lucky to talk to someone that knew something, but not the difference between the upload and download terms, dahh. It was possible that someone was using our account and did not know, he not very confidently concluded. We changed the password on the account on the second call.

We have decided not to use Internet for another day or so. Next day we logged into our account, believe or not 2 Gb was consumed the day before and with the changed password. What is going on? We were definitely up to something.

We called Bell. They put watch on our account and said that they will call us back in 24-48 hours to let us know what happened. Bell technical support person credited our account in the meantime.

We continued to use very little Internet. We checked next day, the Internet usage stopped. Bell never called us back to explain but we called back to find out what was that all about.

Bell technical support was not able to find any record of monitoring of our Internet usage. No explanation what happened. Just this and that to brush us off.

Same day we received survey to complete to rate their customer service performance. I failed them miserably.

In conclusion, I can only assume the following:

1) Bell land line got crossed or someone did cross them to steal our Internet bandwidth.

2) Bell billing error which they do not want to admit.

3) May be Bell was running low sales, and they had to pass the buck to someone one – and that someone was us.

Was that wacky or what?.

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  1. I guess the lesson is watch your bills? Interesting that they didn’t get back to you….hmmm… and yes, if you ever get wireless, you need a password, otherwise you’re broadcasting a free line. But you know that, and didn’t do that, and still got dinged. Which is weird….I have Rogers, but still a good reminder to watch those payments at the end of the month.

  2. Wow, that DOES sound like a screwup on their end. They would never admit it though. Have you ever seen the Saturday Night Live skit by Lily Tomlin where she famously said, “We’re the phone company. We don’t care. We don’t have to.”? Here you go. http://vimeo.com/16175616

  3. Kaslkaos, thank you.
    I watch all my bills like a hawk, lol.
    Not sure if I will be staying with Bell, and never been sure of Rogers.
    I miss ACI (Aurora Cable Internet).
    Anna :)

  4. Marvin, I did little searching and this has been going on for a while.
    If you complain they give you a credit and never tell you why.
    If you don’t its money in their pocket. You are right they don’t care, they don’t have to, they are the phone company.
    Thanks for sharing the skit by Lily Tomlin that was actually funny.
    Anna :)

  5. I think I have the same situation, 100GB total of which 67 gig is UPLOAD(??). This started about 4 months ago and I blamed it on my son until this month. As a family we do not use the internet that much. I will contact bell tomorrow to find out what is going on. Thannks for the original post!!

  6. Kelly, if you can do not use Internet for 2 days at least for the sake of argument with Bell.
    Good luck to you. My refunds are finally coming in. Anna :)