Excellent Customer Service Does Not Go Unappreciated

Excellent Customer Service Does Not Go Unappreciated

Last week I finally got my letter out to Mayor acknowledging Ivy (Accessibility Adviser then) for the excellent customer service regarding concern I had how the pedestrians, especially parents with children, walked to and from Superstore along the Earl Stewart Drive. She recognized the need and took action immediately.

The sidewalk is on its way according to Ivy. I will be following up with the Works Department on the progress shortly. I am not letting it go as I continue to see parents strolling on the road especially when coming back from the Superstore. They are going with the traffic, and they cannot see what is behind them. The sidewalk is a must.

To me customer service is not about what result you get but how your issue was handled. I was fortunate to receive both.

So that is that, however, I have one more thing I appreciate from the Town of Aurora.

We did not get the second vehicle until late summer. Guess what, I was walking everywhere as far as 3-4 km away from home. Nothing like being outside.

Grass Grooming

Many times during the summer we passed by when grass was being cut. I was pleased how the Town of Aurora staff always would stop their equipment or move away great distance from us so we could pass by and continue with our walk in a clear path.

Cutting grass can make lot of dust, so I was really pleased with their way handling passing by pedestrians. Another great plus for the Town of Aurora staff.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, and here is mine. Happy belated one.

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  1. What a lovely place you live in! Everyone’s so nice, it seems.

    Wow, walking everywhere! Keeps you in shape, doesn’t it!

  2. Marvin not always, lol, but I try to keep positive.
    Yes this child is keeping me in shape :) for sure.
    Anna :)

    PS Hey Marvin would you like to come and live in Aurora.
    I appreciate your blogging activity here.