Wells Street School, Future Post-Secondary Institution, Maybe?

Wells Street School, Future Post-Secondary Institution, Maybe?

Jun 2, 2011
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My eye caught an article in THE AURORAN from Week of May 17, 2011, ‘Brown lists priorities’ on page 8 about the Wells Street School being suggested for a post-secondary institution.

Here what was reported. ‘Bringing a post-secondary institution, whether a digital campus or a satellite campus of an existing college or university, was an issue that cropped up Aurora’s 2010 municipal elections with some suggestions floating around that the former Wells Street School property, which is now up for sale, could make an ideal location for such an institution.

Ms. Brown says she is aware of that possibility. “I have actually spoken to a number of people for possibilities for [the Wells Street School],” she said. “I don’t know whether that is the possibility for the campus. It is a school, it would be great to see that it would have that reputation in the future and it certainly would maintain a facility in Downtown Aurora that has a long and wonderful history.”

Wells Street School, Town of Aurora

The idea of post-secondary institution in Aurora is in fact a wonderful idea. Once kids are done with high school, this is were the commuting starts. Commuting takes away a good chunk of time from studying, especially if you have to do written work. On top of that, myself being in this situation in the past, commuting is the only answer, as residence may not be affordable for some of the kids.

Front Entrance, Wells Street School, Town of Aurora

Secondly in my opinion, a school that always been a school, and to continue the tradition of being an educational institution is the best choice for this property. The building was built to be a school, and not anything else. Hopefully the right decisions will be made.

Above the Front Entrance, Wells Street School, Town of Aurora

Window Mosaic, Wells Street School, Town of Aurora

Pictures were taken the day of Mayor’s Anti-Littering Day on April 30th, 2011. The spring was just emerging, not much of green around. I find that early spring is the best time to take pictures, as the structures are more exposed. Once the trees fill with green leaves, good luck finding anything.

Spring, Wells Street School, Town of Aurora

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