Stoop and Scoop Pick Up After Your Pet

Stoop and Scoop Pick Up After Your Pet

Apr 1, 2011
It was very nice weather and very inviting for a walk. I needed to do small groceries that day, so we have decided to go shopping to Superstore. It is only about 15 minutes walk. It was kind of wet, because snow is still melting. We caught through the Hamilton Park, and down to the soccer field. Then as I was enjoying my beautiful walk – nice sun, beautiful blue sky, fresh air – suddenly I freaked out. Searching for words to express myself and dancing around, especially in the front of my three year old, I yelled ‘Holy macaroni crap’. Yes, crap, I stepped into pile of crap – dog poop. Disgusted and upset, I tried to enjoy my rest of walk to the grocery store. Oh and the stink? Never mind I got a kid at home who now runs around and keeps repeating: ‘Holy macaroni crap, mommy stepped into dog poop’.

I know in other cities, if you don’t pick up the poop after your pet there is a fine of $2000. I decided to do some research for by-laws in Town of Aurora. I took a photo of the sign reminding dog owners to scoop after their pets. The message is very clear. The sign also reminded to keep dogs on the leash which some do not practice at all. Once I had a dog run after me and jumped at me. The owner apologized and said he was just a puppy. Yes to you mister, to me he looked like a big wild crazy dog attacking me. Then I had two big dogs charging at us, until owner started to yell hard at them. Both cases, dogs were not on the leash.

Furthermore, I continued to search for the by-law #4283-01.P listed on the sign as shown on the picture here. I only was able to find this page which provides information on by-laws for pet licensing only. I am going to do little more research in this area. Something definitely needs to be done.

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  1. 100% agreed. Pet owners need to have common courtesy and scoop up after their pets. My children enjoy playing in these greenspaces and there are little doggie landmines everywhere. I frequently notice folks completely oblivous to curbing their pet also, which makes me thank my lucky stars that we don’t have a sidewalk on my side of the street.

  2. I’m having a similar problem where someone walking his or her dog chooses to get their dog to poop right on our front lawn and I have to scoop it. I have scooped now 6 times in last four days. He or she will definitely get upset when I have a word with them. I have owned a Rottweiler and never dare to even think of doing that to someone. I was also looking for some info on Town of Richmond Hill which just refers to Animal Control and then OSPCA. Just seems the person has no common courtesy and no respect for other people’s property. Today the dog poop was literally infront of our door on the lawn. Thinking of putting a camera on the front and video taping to find out exactly who it is.

  3. Kris thanks for visiting and commenting.
    Putting out camera probably is a not that bad of idea.
    You can always do the wireless web cam too.
    In our subdivision there is one guy that has one,
    not sure if it is for the same purpose.
    Having said that, I am just getting tired stepping into.
    Town should post fines right on the sign,
    may be that will clue the clueless.
    Anna :)