Southlake Regional Hospital Emergency Room, A Comment Hard To Absorb

Southlake Regional Hospital Emergency Room, A Comment Hard To Absorb

I couldn’t wait until Friday to see our family doctor. There was definitely something wrong and Matthew wasn’t getting any better. Swollen glands, soar throat and mild temperature were few of the symptoms. To back track, while sleeping Matthew started to make snoring sounds.

It all started on Tuesday night, coincidentally a day after we brought him to the local splash pad at the Town Park. His breathing got worsen by Wednesday night. He was breathing through the mouth with swollen glands and soar throat.

Splash Pad, Town Park, Aurora

We arrived at the emergency around four o’clock afternoon on Thursday.

As usual warmly welcomed and immediately walked into a triage for interview as there was nobody in line before us. It is amazing how quickly the emergency areas are cleared these days just enough to fool you that your wait time will be short.

A wishful thinking. Perhaps, this type of action up front is beneficial as you are not sitting in the waiting room full of unknown bugs hovering around you.

At the triage we were questioned. I listed all the symptoms and I told them that what concerned me most was the snoring sound he makes when he sleeps. I can hear him when I am in another room. It concerns me because he is definitely not getting a good night sleep to heal.

Now this comment got me thinking and someone tell me if the hospital professional should actually throw comment such that ‘Or may be YOU are not getting enough sleep?‘. I elaborated further, ‘No not me, it just hurts me seeing him sleeping like that‘.

So throughout most of the night on Tuesday and Wednesday I spent by Matthew’s bed listening to his breathing. Second night wasn’t any better because he was also running mild fever.

May be it was a joke from the lady who checked Matthew’s weight, measured his temperature and heartbeat. May be it is a way triage nurses make their time more optimistic because it is kind of sad place to visit with all the worries around.

But when you see your child sick and are exhaused from all the worry and lack of sleep, having someone joking that I am selfish and that I brought my child to the emerge to ensure I can go back faster to my beauty sleep.

This didn’t sit well with me. I wonder what respond I would get if I joked like that about them? I probably be admitted to the Exit Zone.

We left emergency around eight o’clock that evening. Matthew was diagnosed with strep throat (bacterial infection of the throat).

This time we waited in the Yellow Zone and not in the Fast Track zone. It would be nice if someone explained to us what’s the difference, but it seems like everyone sitting at the hall waiting patiently for their turn eventually had their own definition figured out.

You will be send to the Yellow Zone when nurses at the triage don’t know what is wrong with you. Nurses will fast track you if you have obvious symptoms, like broken bone.

Next day, that is Friday, we visited our family doctor. He confirmed strep throat but said that Matthew’s case is severe one and we were advised to keep close eye on him for the next forty eight hours. If the antibiotic does not work the infection can enter his bloodstream.

And there goes my beauty sleep again for the next forty eight hours (a sarcastic remark).

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  1. Hi Anna,

    Strep throat is a pretty common illness among children. Sure the flu gets more attention out there for it’s commonality, but Strep throat is probably also high on the list of common infections. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had it.

    A good doctor will be able to look at a throat diagnose it correctly. My old doctor, Dr. Climpson-Kennedy, was able to do this instantly. She was always 99% sure it was strep, took a throat swab for testing and prescribed the medication.

    Your son is probably snoring loadly through the night as his breathing has changed a little bit to compensate for the swolen glands due to the strep throat. This is probably keeping a good mom like yourself rightfully up at night worrying.

    Keep an eye on your son, but he should be feeling better in no time with his medication going to work.

    Remember, children do get sick (e.g. flu, pink eye, colds, strep throat, etc.) commonly especially in common environments where other children are (e.g. daycare, park fountains, etc.).

  2. Michael, thanks for your detailed comment. Yes I will remember that, I should have known as I used to get sick all the time too when I was little many many moons ago :).

    Like you said the antibiotics did the job, in two days we didn’t even have to give him Tylenol so he can eat his meals. He started to eat normal but less. Breathing went away in the following two days. But then on the sixth day we had to bring Matthew back to the doctor. He got major rush, every inch of his body was covered and red and it happened in a matter of few hours. Doctor said that it was a bad reaction to medication more specific to Amoxicillin. We stopped using. He made a note, and we notified the pharmacy. Doctor said that 6 day may be enough.

    Now here is something interesting. We never got the test results from the hospital. My husband called and find out that in case of strep throat the hospital procedure is to call patient and ensure that antibiotic is taken to cure it. In our case no body called and results were not sent to our family doctor. At the emergency the doctor did not wait for the swab test result and prescribed an antibiotic anyway because Matthew had all the signs of strep throat.

    Now here is a flaw in their procedure. They did not call us because swab test was negative, meaning no strep. But then if there is no strep throat who notifies us to stop the medication which was prescribed at the hospital. I think should write them a note to revise their procedures.

    Michael thanks again for your comment,

    Anna :)