No Motorized Vehicles On The Boardwalk, By Default

No Motorized Vehicles On The Boardwalk, By Default

I usually do not complain but if I get a small evidence on camera – why not? What does it take to follow the rules? They are not trivial at all.

I think by now you may know that my biggest issue here in Aurora is the failure to obey the rules; but no worries I am not planning to move out.

We do have a sign for almost everything. ‘No Dumpingsign with a pile of dump is a classic. No idling cars sign must be new because I saw lady idling her car in front of the Aurora Public Library for over five minutes. Sometimes I wonder if she ever knew that she can play her music in the car and draw radio power from the battery only.

In the same area myself and Matthew once smelled a cigarette smoke. I still laugh at his innocent comment, ‘Mom who is BBQing the chicken?‘.

Walking with Bikes, Nokiidaa Trail Link Boardwalk, Aurora

When Nokiidaa Trail Link boardwalk off St. John’s sideroad was first installed all kinds of things were permitted. Feeding ducks and biking were the two famous one. Then with time the ‘no feeding ducks‘ sign was placed on the railing which in a matter of small time faded due to the UV sunlight.

Walking with a Bike, Nokiidaa Trail Link Boardwalk, Aurora

Recently, swinging gates were installed telling bicycle riders to dismount their bikes and walk on the boardwalk. One cannot miss the sign and yet everyone is still biking on the boardwalk. I just do not understand how can you not see a sign that is practically in front of the biker’s face?

But that one day, couple of weeks ago, I don’t know what happened. People were obeying the rules. Everyone that passed by me was pushing bicycle beside them. Now figure that out. Why suddenly such a change? I don’t know. May be because one of the gates on the north side of the boardwalk was missing.

Another explanation is that I had my DSLR camera with telephoto lens attached. A paranoia of being captured on photo is another theory.

Walking with Bikes, Nokiidaa Trail Link Boardwalk, Aurora

I was happy to see that something worked and it was nice to see different age groups to follow the rules.

Until another day, this man had to ruin my hope, my excitement and my faith in the Aurora people – he decided to ride his motorcycle on the boardwalk. Or may be he is not from Aurora. Still it will not make me feel any better.

Motorized Vehicle on the Boardwalk, Nokiidaa Trail Link, Aurora

I went back to my older photographs and the sign said – oh no he is permitted to ride his motorcycle. The sign says nothing about motorized vehicles. But I think motorized vehicles are not permitted in the parks by default.

Notice to Trail Users Sign, Nokiidaa Trail Link Boardwalk, Aurora

Well there are other things in Aurora that by default are not permitted. A pile of mulch or wood chips was placed on the parking lot near the Fleury Park. While watching Matthew having fun at the play-ball class Saturday morning I spotted this young boy climbing this pile of mulch.

I felt much better when I noticed that the whole action was supervised by the parent. This was quite an ironic site.

Parent Supervised Climb, Fleury Park, Aurora

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I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.


  1. Hey Anna,

    Yes, people have always the need to transgress – look at the Bible (God commanded a lot of things and His people seemed to enjoy transgressing). Unfortunately, it is human nature.

    I agree with you that the motorised vehicle should not be allowed in the trail – and perhaps the sign doesn’t include motorised vehicles because its author never thought someone would be so reckless to the point of driving a MV up the trail.

    Your pictures are making a difference. How do you feel?


  2. Thanks Max.
    I think it is pure ignorance Max.
    You can see on the their faces.
    Anna :)

  3. Anna,
    You must have gone to the boardwalk on a good day. I find that at best 1 in 10 cyclists will dismount and walk across the boardwalk. Today, a group of eight read the sign (out loud) and only one of the group walked her bike.
    I saw two people get hit by bikes last summer and I’ve heard of one this summer and seen a handful of near misses. When I’ve pointed out to cyclists that they are supposed to walk, I usually get some kind of verbal abuse: “call a cop you $!@$#~@$”.
    Some have offered reasons for not obeying the sign:
    “It doesn’t apply to me.”
    “It’s not a bylaw.”
    “I’m going slowly.”
    For other pictures of people who won’t obey the sign or possibly can’t read:

  4. Peter, yes it was good day that day. I actually like you, I do have a set of the bad day from previous days. I am surprised the responses you are getting, immature of course. I really think town should enforce it more, and that sign should have been there from the first day.

    The other thing is that people do not realize that the motorized vehicle cause more damage to the boardwalk or at least accelerate the deterioration.

    Peter great images and thanks for sharing, hopefully things will change.

    Anna :)

  5. Some Sunday morning excuses for not dismounting and walking bikes on the boardwalk:
    “I just had foot surgery.” – she dismounted after getting off the boardwalk and walked her bike up the hill.
    “I’m going to kill someone?”
    “I can’t walk in these shoes.”

  6. Peter, classic comments.
    I went on the boardwalk yesterday, and you are right that one day was my good day.
    I also noticed that there is a sign stating no motorized vehicles near the bridge (Newmarket/Aurora).
    Talk to you soon
    Anna :)