Desperate Measures, Do We Really Need More Signs?

Desperate Measures, Do We Really Need More Signs?

Aug 12, 2011
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This is absolutely a great idea, and I could not agree more. The article ‘Councillor’s Notice of Motion would create smoke-free areas near town’s recreations facilities‘ published in THE AURORAN, Week of Auguts 2, 2011 on page 3 was an interesting reading and in my favor. The Councillor Abel proposed to increase smoke-free areas around recreational facilities, including playgrounds.

It’s about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime. ~ by Rudolph Giuliani.
This also reminded me our last visit to the Town’s Park Splash Pad and how awful it was to stand around people who smoked close by. We couldn’t do much because our boy was playing near by, no choice but to accelerate our visit at the pad. He stated that ‘most people would not smoke around their children or their environment‘, well he is wrong on this one as I have seen many cases where parents smoke around their children and in presence of other children at the playgrounds.

He also stated ‘it would take a lot of funds and resources to monitor these sorts of events‘. I could not agree more again. These are all valid statements. They are in favor of our children and who would not agree. So I was agreeing while reading this article – yes, yes this is good.

But wait a minute there is something wrong with this picture.

How possibly can I agree on the above? NO I WILL NOT. It will be just another useless sign put out in our town.

The article ‘Residents semi-successful in dangerous dog appeal‘ published Week of August 9, 2011 on the front page of THE AURORAN is a perfect example of useless signs in our town. If the town enforced the by-law for dogs off the leash (a rope or similar material attached to the neck or head of an animal for restraint or control), we would not have this incident in the first place.

I am repeating this again and again. I had dog jumped on me last year (a friendly puppy according to the owner). I had another dog charging at me on the soccer field where the owner had to raise serious voice on them in order for them to get back and be leashed, and these were not small dogs. Size probably close to the German Shepherd dog. I continue to see dog owners letting their dogs off the leash.

I don’t drive. I walk. I see. I see every day. People take dogs to the parks and playgrounds and let them out. Then why bother having just another useless sign if not enforced.

Last spring I was completely disgusted and tired bringing dirty shoes, and not just the dirt. The melted snow revealed lot of hidden illegal doggy treasures. Now I see it is happening again. A month ago I have noticed someone took time to create these home made signs with plastic covers (in plastic so they last longer) asking politely to scoop the poop after the dog. The signs appeared all around the Hamilton Park.

Attention Dog Owners

I noticed about 6 of them plaster all over the posts and garbage cans. Desperate measures, residents acting on their own wasting their time and resources on top of the tax dollars they have to pay to keep our streets clean. Then why bother having just another useless sign if not enforced.

Attention Dog Owners Again

The other time I wrote about people dumping in front, not just close by, but in front of the No Dumping sign – By Law No Dumping Dump Ditty Dump Dump Dump. Then why bother having just another useless sign if not enforced.

How about no litter signs? We need those too, but then why bother having just another useless sign which will not be enforced.

Littering, McKenzie Marsh

[Thinking] I have an idea. I think instead of another sign we should have a column in our local newspaper from the Town of Aurora dedicated to all the by-laws in town stating fines as well. It probably would raise eyebrows for some. Here is an example.

Dear Aurora Residents:

Keep your dogs on the leash everywhere and anytime of the day or night; otherwise $$$ fine.

Pick up after your dog during all four beautiful seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer; otherwise $$$ fine.

Pick Up After Your Dog - Sign

Do not leave bag full of poop hanging on the tree in the park; otherwise $$$ fine.

Stop dumping in front of No Dumping signs. We know who you are – your patio is looking great. Fine $$$.

Do not litter. If we don’t fine you we will pass charge on Tim Hortons and McDonalds for littering. Fine $$$.

Try not to hide 4th, and 5th dog or cat in the house. Fine $$$ for every over the limit animal.

Do not let the cat go outside before going to the litter-box; otherwise $$$ fine.

When parking on the street don’t just rotate your tires every 24 hours, move to the next spot. Fine $$$.

When you have dust in your eyes, you forgot to use water jet when cutting stone. Fine $$$, more fine for dust in your neighbors eyes.

Idling Car

No mercy if you forgot to turn off the ignition key. Fine $$$.

What can I say more? What will another sign do? Probably absolutely nothing. I think it is plain simple that we just keep plastering our town with signs that mean nothing. We need more than that, a by-law enforcement officer and real fines. With all this illegal activity the collected fines may even cover the officer’s salary plus some money for the town.

Kidding aside, I think Councillors Abel’s Notice of Motion for smoke-free is good one, but lets look at the existing by-law signs and their effectiveness. Something to think about.

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