Confederation Park Notice For All Users, Bold And Cold

Confederation Park Notice For All Users, Bold And Cold

During our visit to the Confederation Park last weekend behind the camel back climber equipment stood a new sign. It is not a warning sign or caution sign, just a notice sign. I read the sign, smiled and told my husband, ‘hey start climbing, you are user of the park and you are older than five.‘.

Confederation Park, Aurora

I read the sign few times and just couldn’t help to write this.

Notice To Camel Back Climber Users

Playground equipment users are children. Town of Aurora implies that anyone 5 years old or older can use the equipment. Fair enough for some where parents or caregivers have to attend children and climb with them. However, why not match the manufacturer’s recommended age 5-12 as per sticker that was also new to the camel back climber.

Camel Back Climber With The Notice

If the user is under 5 they may be mobile enough to climb the climber but they may not be smart enough yet to strategically maneuver around especially at the top or even bottom of the climber. Thus the recommended age 5 or older.

New little tikes Safety Label

If the user is over 12 years old they may not be that mobile on the climber because the body size to climber size is not proportional. They can think strategically how to maneuver around the climber, but body size may not allow them to move with greater flexibility. I know for the fact, we tried it. Thus the recommended age under 12.

New little tikes Safety Label

What does it take to think strategically and at the same time plan for the future. The solution to this problem is just a band-aid method. To go through all this trouble why not design generic sign that can be reused when necessary on other playgrounds. The sign is overkill and clearly to make a point – bold and cold (users and not children).

The climber itself now has little tikes manufacturer label stating the age range. It can be easily noticed.

Bottom Of The Camel Back Climber

If we continue to plaster our town with warning signs everywhere for every issue we encounter we are destroying the image of our town and calling for either dangerous place to live in or a community of dangerous people or no common sense people. Is this where we want to be in 2031?

Camel Back Climber, No Safety Stickers, No Notice, October 2010

This is five cents of my constructive criticism, take it or leave it.

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Anna Lozyk Romeo

I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.


  1. I think the simple, blanket statement on the park sign, “Use at your own risk” should be enough. Those stickers are for lawyers, not for actual park users.

  2. Someone may have sued a town over an injury and purported inadequate signage. Thus, the insurance companies may now require such big warning signs of the municipalities.

  3. That sign wasn’t what I expected when I noted in my blog posting when this issue was debated at council:

    “The only change that needs to be made in this case would be for the town to add a nearby sign stating the equipment should be used by those five years old and up while being supervised by an adult.” See:

    From the photo it looks like the sign is like a decent size billboard that shouts at us to say: “Hey we warned you…if your kid falls off this thing, you are responsible! ”

    What’s next, the swings in the park now needing an even bigger warning sign because a kid could fall off those too while in motion? Kids have been falling off swings at Confederation Park for at least 20 some odd years longer than the camel structure has been around. Yet no sign is saying “use this at your own risk.” Oh right, there is a sign at the entrance to the park saying this no bigger than than a 12″ x 8″ that suffices.

    Too bad someone missed this on the camel structure so the Town had to go to such great expense. What is Regency Acres community coming too really?

  4. Well said Anna.

  5. I’m much older than five, but I’m guessing I’ll need supervision too. I would probably hurt myself.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  6. Marvin we thought that what we were getting something simple, but no they came out with this brilliant idea.
    Anna :)

  7. Barry this is because of issue we had months ago when little girl hurt herself.
    Unfortunately, this is something way to big, and I think waste of money.
    Anna :)

  8. Michael, yes this is what I thought when I saw the sign too.
    Every equipment on the playground can be dangerous if misused even swings.
    Yes, too bad, and too bad for kind of nasty response.
    Anna :)

  9. Thanks Bob.
    Anna :)

  10. Sandee, you and me together, lol, oh and my husband.
    Thanks for commenting.
    Anna :)