Who Is The Man In The Green Shirt, Gordon Barnes?

Who Is The Man In The Green Shirt, Gordon Barnes?

Jun 17, 2011
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On one of my posts Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day, Event Photo Coverage I took picture of the man in a green shirt and the long feather attached to his hat. I thought he really stood out in the crowd. His outfit was eye catching, and not to mention the feather in the hat, which was easy to follow.

Gordon Barnes is the Aurora’s Citizen of the Year 2010. The Town of Aurora and council would like to congratulate Gordon Barnes for earning Aurora’s 2010 Citizen of the Year award at the 2010 Community Recognition Awards. Being a valued member of the community for 35 years, Mr. Barnes has spent untold hours volunteering in Aurora’s Arboretum, been highly visible at the Aurora Farmers Market and taught his environmental and heritage ethic to many residents – just to name a few of his passions. Mr. Barnes was truly deserving of the award for his environmental advocacy and dedicated efforts to not only greening, but improving the Town of Aurora.

Source: Aurora’s 2010 Citizen of the Year.

Gordon Barnes, Aurora's Citizen of the Year 2010

In one of the posts by Christopher Watts, Accolades and Ass-hats – June 8th 2011, Christopher gave away one small detail, the feather: ‘I wonder if this means that last year’s Citizen of the year Gordon Barnes has to hand over that large feather he wears in his cap.‘ He wrote.

Aha, that made me do some searching and the man on the picture I took during the Mayors Anti-Litter day on April 30, 2011 is Gordon Barnes. Oh and there is one more thing – the green shirt.

Not just nature and history of the Town of Aurora I am getting to know – but also the faces that represent Aurora. I am a big fan of the Community Arboretum in Aurora. I walk there at least once or twice a week, and as always take hundreds of pictures.

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