Winter Wonderland At The Aurora Community Arboretum, A Guest Photo

Winter Wonderland At The Aurora Community Arboretum, A Guest Photo

Dec 31, 2012
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What a wonderful opportunity to conclude the 2012 year with a guest photo – a beautiful landscape of the Aurora Community Arboretum. A photo taken by Tom Yates. I don’t think I ever posted guest photo on this blog but sometimes I have to break the rules and may be stop being little ‘selfish‘.

Aurora Community Arboretum, Winter Photo 2012, Photography by Tom Yates, Portcullis

Few days ago (December 27th, 2012) I was cleaning Matthew’s bedroom and as always was thinking about something. Suddenly a thought came (Matthew would say an idea flew into my head). I left everything undone and sat in front of my computer at the office – just like that. The thought was to go and check out Evelyn Buck’s blog.

So I did and while I am reading her latest post that day titled The Good The Bad and The Ugly I came across section that read ‘Anna, if you are reading this post, maybe you could make contact with June and ask if you can share this and other beautiful photographs regularly presented in the Arboretum News.

After getting nice jolt of goose bumps on back of my spine I wrote Evelyn and Tom.

To make this long story short, Cllr Evelyn Buck tried to share beautiful greeting card she received from the Aurora Arboretum on her blog and wasn’t able to do so. So she called for help – ‘I have tried and tried to reproduce a Christmas Greeting received from Aurora Arboretum. The photo is spectacularly beautiful.

And she is right the photo is spectacularly beautiful and I am honoured to be able to showcase it on my blog. I never been to the Arboretum in the winter time and now I got an itch. I often forget how open fields and trails in the winter away from the major roads can still be covered with a prefect snow blanket creating winter wonderland scenes.

This time this scene was photographed by Tom Yates a member of the Aurora Community Arboretum. I also encourage you to visit Arboretum web site for more photographs (2012) of this scenic place. And while you are there, don’t leave. I was very intrigue by the information on that site – especially all the gardening and tree planting activities. I always wondered where all the trees came from whenever I took a long break from visiting; and I am not talking a small trees either.

Happy New Year 2013 Again!

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