Winter-ly Weather Rumblings, Where Am I? Wells Street Public School Again

Winter-ly Weather Rumblings, Where Am I? Wells Street Public School Again

No doubt that our weather lately is a very volatile one. When comes to wearing outdoor clothing I am confused. I have decided to stick with my winter clothing. When outside it is always easier to find some clothing to take off, rather than finding something to put on.

Aurora Cultural Centre, West Side of the Wells Street Public School

Last month when we all experienced the summer like days, I wanted to put shorts on Matthew. He resisted, he said that ‘these pants are too short and kids will laugh at him at the playground‘. Funny the way young children think. I begin to think myself that he has forgotten all about shorts because last time he wore them he just turned three years old. I don’t have any recollections when I was that young either, why should he?

Snow in April? No argument here that we have climate change, but I say only short term one. In this years spring it changes every day – snow, sun, rain. Oh yes and we had fog too this year. I read somewhere that such weather volatility been around for hundred years so why should I complain.

It snowed yesterday. I saw snow still on the ground today, well then it gives me a small right to post some winter photos. I don’t think it is hard to guess that I am on the top of former Wells Street Public School (Wells Street Schoolhouse Lofts). It would have been nice if the sky was blue, but it is all weather related and not much can be done. As a matter fact on that day before lunch it was nice sunny sky.

Cluster of Churches, West Side of the Wells Street Public School

By looking at the photos, it is interesting to note cluster of churches on the West side of the school, and on the other side a beautiful view of the Town Park. I am sure it will be much more beautiful view in the summer when all trees will be nice and green and of course full of visitors.

Church, North Side of the Wells Street Public School

Last week I had an opportunity to attend one of the Heritage Lecture Series, Postcards of Old Aurora: The McRoberts Collection.

On top of a great collection showcase, Bob McRoberts’ sense of humor element during his lecture made everyone’s attendance a great experience. I expected a small crowed, but of what I have seen there must have been at least hundred people.

Town Park, North West Side of the Wells Street Public School

We did not get to see his original collection (and I don’t blame him) but it was well presented via electronic media. We did not get to hear the train whistle or birds signing as Mr. McRoberts intended to, but again his large collection of old Aurora postcards still exceeded my expectations and I am sure everyone’s too.

So where are Aurora postcards now?

We don’t have any because postcards are phasing out. With digital technology available to us we can take our own photos and create our own postcards. I have collection of postcards from all around the world (but not the whole world) and not that old as postcards in the McRoberts collection.

Town Park, West Side of the Wells Street Public School

Probably, the oldest postcards I own are about 41 years old and from Toronto. There is one (my favorite) I have of Yorkville. The picture was taken of people eating, drinking and smoking outside the restaurant in the early or late afternoon and to add some on this postcard were looking directly at the photographer.

When I looked closely on the back of the photo (not the back, but the back of first people in the row) I found two families with small children sitting on the top of the bay windows, not even balcony and enjoying nice weather.

Yes, enjoying the nice weather.

Here is the link to the Yorkville postcard, unfortunately someone removed the second family on the balcony in front of the yellow bricked apartment. I have the original so no one can argue my statement.

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  1. Wow Anna…first the boiler room, and now the roof of Wells St. School?!? Ok, I am officially jealous! Wonderful photos and comments as always. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Matt :). I think I took too many photos, lol, there always seems to be topic to talk about.
    But I have to mention that this was great not anticipated opportunity.
    Anna :)

  3. Wow! Lovely snow!

  4. Lovely snow!

  5. Thanks, glad that is all gone.
    Anna :)