Winter Is Finally Here In Aurora, Some Snow Probably To Melt Soon

Winter Is Finally Here In Aurora, Some Snow Probably To Melt Soon

Feb 9, 2013
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We got lot of snow in the past 24 hours in Aurora. I have not left anywhere else so I cannot comment on other places. I checked weather forecast too and for the next week – looks like it is warming up. But today it was a beautiful sunny day to enjoy outside.

Going Down Hill, Hamilton Park, Town of Aurora

When we were outside I noticed that the snow exposed to the sun started to melt, but that was not enough sun to melt the almost one meter piles of snow in front of houses on our street. Lots of snow and lots of sun – two things good to have to play in the snow.

Matthew Making Snow Angels, Hamilton Park, Town of Aurora

We went tobogganing there was a lot of snow on the soccer field at the Hamilton Park, but it was manageable to walk across. Kids already were playing there, and probably there were more earlier as there were tracks left behind.

Going Down Hill, Hamilton Park, Town of Aurora

Something about the children and the snow. When Matthew came out the house, first thing he did was dived (real dive too) for the pile of snow, not even thinking of consequences. He got white snow all over his face, cleaned up and dived for another pile. Then he started to inspect bottom of the cars for icicles.

Hamilton Park, Children Playing in the Snow, Town of Aurora

On the field we had hard time to get him on the toboggan, every second we turned away from him – he was already rolling in the snow. We helped him to make a snow angel, and by looking at the print afterward, not sure what it was.

He saw four girls playing in the snow nearby and started to do the same – rolling more in the snow. Well, we did the same when we were growing up too. The beauty about the snow is that it does not get you dirty, just wet.

Children Playing in the Snow, Hamilton Park, Town of Aurora

Well not sure about other children, but when I picked up Matthew from school last Thursday, who knows what he was rolling in. There was mud on him everywhere, the hat, the jacket, the snow pants and the face.

You just got to love them for their free spirit, but I hope there will be little less of that free spirit next week when it will be ‘splashy’ and wet.

Morning Down Warming Up In The Sun, Hamilton Park Hydro Lines, Town of Aurora

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