White Winter-y Town Of Aurora, The Beautiful Sheppard’s Bush Stills

White Winter-y Town Of Aurora, The Beautiful Sheppard’s Bush Stills

Dec 30, 2011
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The snow arrived just in time for the ‘after Christmas‘ holiday. We have been blessed with unusual warmer weather this season that was extended all the way to Christmas Day.

Picnic Pavilion, Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area

I am kind of glad that there was no snow before and for Christmas. The winter snowstorm driving conditions can add to the holiday shopping stress. It is also nice to have nice comfortable drive when visiting loved ones for Christmas.

Picnic Pavilion, Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area

When snow arrived all I wanted is run to the Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area. I never been there during the winter season. When we arrived there yesterday I was really surprised how beautiful the trails were, especially when under sparkling white blanket of snow. The picnic pavilion and the maple syrup evaporator shack were exceptionally magical when surrounded by the snow.

Maple Syrup Evaporator Shack

I also noticed that the Sheppard House was not under construction anymore. It is possible that the heritage retrofit is now completed.

Sheppard House, Windfall Ecology Centre, Aurora

We probably walked for about 1/2 hour. It was nice to see that the trail is used regularly. It was only two days of snow and the trails were completely padded. They were very comfortable to walk on.

I was hoping for some animals like deer or even a rabbit, but all we found was black squirrels. I shot some photos of the birds but that will be my future post.

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  1. Anna,

    I am having troubles commenting on blogs having embedded comment sections (don’t know why); so I am leaving the comment I prepared for your Only Photo Blog Journey here, all right?

    “Happy New Year, Anna!

    Girl, I had already seen this picture on G+ but it looks much better here.
    Picnic pavillion…it is the first time I hear of this, because I am used to picnic fields or parks (here in Portugal), but again our weather is not the same as yours.

    Maple syrup: love it, adore it, love and adore it lol. You should definitely attend those syrup making festivities.

    I agree, the natural wood does render the photo magical. Although I prefer the first picture, the second one is more postcardish…

    Happy New Year, my friend; and may our friendship continue to grow :D.