Where Is The Snow? It Will Be Record Weather For Aurora, Just In Time For Sesquincentennial

Where Is The Snow? It Will Be Record Weather For Aurora, Just In Time For Sesquincentennial

Jan 14, 2013
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Where is the snow? The Christmas snow is now gone due to higher than normal temperatures. Last night I heard rain again pounding against the window. It isn’t a good thing for us. If the wind changes its course from normal direction and will start to blow towards front of our house we will get water leak inside the house. We have damaged shingles on the roof that means another potential leak. If the mild weather stays, the flu season is not going away.

I looked outside the window this afternoon. It was a very moody day, no sun and sprinkles of very little snow dancing in the wind. Yes we had little sun this holiday season. Just watch the price of the Vitamin D will rise on demand.

We got a call from a doctor for Matthew. Pneumonia still shows on the x-ray, that means another week of antibiotics, doctor visit and possible third x-ray to fill. No school for Matthew. He is sick but he has no issue cheering for no school days. Hopefully he will be good going back again after a lengthy break. Well, we also got news that our doctor is now sick.

Mini Snowman, A Day Before Christmas 2012

So when we had snow we made a snowman. To emphasize how little snow we had while making little fella – the snowman’s head is size of a normal snowball and he is about twelve inches high. Very easy to miss, and he will be missed – he melted few days ago. Completely to the ground.

This will be a definitely interesting Sesquicentennial year for Aurora not just for events, politics but weather patterns as well.

Just in case you have not seen yet, I have few things for you.

Our community FOCUS page now has Sesquicentennial focus page set up to feature topics related to 150th Anniversary of the Town of Aurora. It is also a great opportunity for us to show some not the old 100 years old photos, but photos that are only 15 years old or less. Nice recap for those who have been hanging out around Aurora for only 15 or 20 years. Remember it is 150 years of Aurora and every year matters.

I have also assembled together a Parent Zone page for parents who wants to occasionally write.

Lastly, I also started a legacy project for the Town of Aurora called documenting Aurora. The name says it all.

Runaway Santas, Downtown Historic Aurora, Ontario, December 23, 2012.

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