What To Do On Hot HOT Summer Days, My Choice Hangout At The Library

What To Do On Hot HOT Summer Days, My Choice Hangout At The Library

All week heat wave. Today morning rain and then hot again. Hopefully cooler again. One may ask what to do on hot summer days like that in Aurora. Many choices. You can go to the splash pad at the Town Park or Ida Johnson Park, or you can hang out in cool and dry place like a library.

Matthew, Splash Pad at the Town Park

Last Thursday it was so hot and also boring to stay home, second day in the row – so we headed for the Aurora Public Library.

Just a regular stuff at the Aurora Public Library, like books, books and more books. Couple nice displays which I always like to examine – Bicentennial Celebration of the War of 1812 and Doors Open 2012.

I also found out that Aurora Public Library is now selling Elizabeth H. Milner’s book, Aurora 1945-1965 An Ontario Town at a Time of Great Change, in addition book is also available at the Abebooks.com, Jonathan’s Restaurant and through Aurora Historical Society in Aurora.

Aurora 1945-1965 An Ontario Town at a Time of Great Change

Speaking of Elizabeth Milner and the heat. I guess I am not the only one bothered by the hot humid days. Not that Elizabeth is complaining like me but she is definitely thinking about cooler days. Elizabeth emailed me and shared couple things with me – a poem The Ice Man – 1947 and her memories of Mr. Bill Case, Aurora’s ice man.

Aha, and who was Mr. Case?

Mr. Case was in the ice business in late forties and early fifties. Children in the town would watch for Mr. Case to come along with his horse and wagon in order to get a chip of his cool ice, and here you can find out more from Elizabeth Milner what children did with the ice. I published the poem and Milner’s memories of the ice man on the History page, community FOCUS site.

Oh wishful thinking to get that kind of service again.

Paws 4 Stories Program, Aurora Public Library

Now going back to our library visit on Thursday. On the second floor we noticed paws cut outs on the floor leading to a real dog. I had to ask. Interesting concept and program – Paws 4 Stories.

Paws 4 Stories is a literacy program for beginning and struggling readers who have a unique opportunity to read to a dog and make a friend! Dogs and their owners are trained and generously provided by St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. […]‘ Source: Aurora Public Library

Here is nice write up on ‘Why Dogs Are Better than Adults at Helping Kids Read‘. By accident I found an article that dogs also benefit when read to, but not a topic for today.

Stay cool!

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  1. And there’s Matthew, having a GREAT time, wearing his characteristic broad smile!

    I really enjoyed the nostalgic ice man poem, Anna. Nice to know your town has an able chronicler in her book and another one in your blog!

    Stay cool and enjoy your time!

  2. Lovely pix as always Anna! I’m sorry I’ve been scarce lately, super buried at work, but I always stop by every time I get a chance. I loved your Canada Day pix especially. You’re so good photographing people. I’m not good at it, but you give me a good model to imitate!

  3. Thanks Lynda.
    He always does. Yes our town is culture, history and nature rich as I wrote you.
    Hope all is well with you as well.
    Anna :)

  4. Marvin thank you. Hey that is how we learn from others. I always look at others photography too and pick up some tips.
    Hey no worries. I have not been able to comment as well but I do read them because lol they are always in my inbox.
    Hope all is well otherwise. Anna :)