What Rough Collie Dog, Never Say Never & Basement Have In Common? A Trip To Library

What Rough Collie Dog, Never Say Never & Basement Have In Common? A Trip To Library

Apr 18, 2012
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I don’t know if I should call this the-exciting, the-entertaining or the-adventurous day. Early morning today we arrived at the library parking lot. We came today because we had serious business to do – we had to pay fine for overdue Aurora library books and DVDs.

We parked and I am about to get out the car. Well what do I see, a Rough Collie dog off the leash cruising around the parking lot. Even better he stood in front of our parked car and kept looking at us. After few seconds of staring, which felt like minutes to us, the dog decided to leave us.

I thought that the owner must be in the near proximity. But he wasn’t, because when I got out and got on the back of the car to take Matthew out of the car seat – oh what now? The dog was back again standing in front of our car and looking at us. Lucky us he got a nature call, wandered to the next available bush, took off right after, and we were able to safely arrive at the library.

Aurora Public Library, Children Section Books

So they say never say never. Couple of weeks ago I was standing in line at the library checkout behind a lady who was paying for overdue books. The amount was substantial. I thought, I will never pay any fees. Never mind, I will never pay anything. I always keep on top of everything. Well not this time, I slipped.

My fine for DVDs on the adult card was 75 cents (25 per DVD per day) and Matthew had to pay 80 cents for books that were overdue 8 days (5 cents per book per day). Good thing that I was informed in the past that it is cheaper to put children books on the child’s card, I will pay less fine in the future. Who ever told me this, predicted that one way or the other I will pay a library fine.

Aurora Public Library Inside

So we are paying our fine at the drop off desk. We were chatting a bit and as usual Matthew showed off his Iron Man shoes. Then suddenly he asked ‘Hey Lady what’s in library basement?‘. Oh my ‘hey Lady‘ didn’t sound too polite, but the lady was nice enough to explain that it was just area filled with books, just like a storage. She said that they don’t go there very often.

We told her that one day we were going down the elevator from second to first floor, but the elevator did not stop just went to the basement. We both got scared and laughed when we realized that someone was waiting for the elevator in the basement to go up. Since then we been curious to find out what was there.

Mystery solved – just old books, archives, space for Pottery club and probably all the electrical and heating services.

Computer Work Stations, Aurora Public Library

Today the purpose was to drop off overdue items but Matthew headed for the second floor anyway. We got to the elevator and what happens to us? We started to go down to the basement again – what are the chances especially after we talked about it and how rare it is. I looked at Matthew, he looked at me and I said ‘What did you press?‘. ‘I pressed nothing just number two‘ – he replied surprised. We laughed again when a service man entered the elevator. He explained to us that it was secured area and no visitors are allowed in the basement.

My Favorite Library Art

I know I know the post is getting too long … but may be I tell you what happened at the Matthew’s hearing test.

When we arrived at the doctor office later today, the specialist asked what was the issue. My mistake was telling him this ‘I could yell and scream and he does not respond. Family doctor suggested we do hearing test‘. This doctor had a very good sense of humor and made Matthew very comfortable that we had no issues taking the test.

Matthew’s test result was perfect, and this is a semi-exact message left by the specialist at my family doctor’s voice mail, ‘This message is for patient Matthew so and so. The results of his hearing test are perfect. Matthew not responding to his mother shows his character, and I think his mother is scary‘. Looks like I was diagnosed with ‘too much yelling‘ syndrome.

After the appointment we asked if Matthew can hear us now, he responded that ‘I am better now and I can hear you‘. As a reward for being a good patient we took Matthew for a treat to Tim Horton’s on Wellington Street for chocolate covered donut. Never enough – he asked for more Tim-bits. After little training he arrived at the counter and asked ‘Excuse me can I have one chocolate Tim-bit please?

I know I should not let my son indulge but I needed an opportunity for him to learn how to ask properly for something instead of ‘hey Lady‘. Speaking of indulging, Matthew paid twenty five cents, got back five cents and two chocolate Tim-bits.

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