What Is That On The Back Of The Town of Aurora Truck, No Not The Grinch?

What Is That On The Back Of The Town of Aurora Truck, No Not The Grinch?

Dec 14, 2012
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While writing his letter to Sanata, Matthew noticed a white truck outside our window. It was the Infrastructure & Environmental Services Town of Aurora truck. They were cleaning leaves from the blocked manhole covers.

I must admit that this year our street residents didn’t do a good cleaning tree leaves job. Well, these guys came in and did it for us. I wonder if they know something, that is, more snow coming. However, I do know that it will be warming up next week and weatherman is forecasting more rain.

Infrastructure & Environmental Services, Town of Aurora Truck

I explained to Matthew what the two Aurora man were doing. I looked closer and closer and I saw something green on the back. Glad I had my camera handy. Just before they left I was able to snap two photos so I can analyze later.

I still cannot figure out what it is. Some kind of mascot on the back of their truck. I thought it might have been the Grinch from the Christmas parade, but no nothing close. May be an octopus, a green lion, a frog – who knows. Oh well I thought that was interesting snap to share.

So I mentioned above Matthew writing a letter to Santa. Last year when Matthew was 3.5 years old we only managed to draw a picture of his gift in the letter to Santa. We never sent it. When I gave Matthew his gift (yes I dressed up as Santa), I ensured that I acknowledged that I received the letter.

Matthew’s Letter to Santa, North Pole, Aurora

This year when Matthew is 4.5 years old he is able to write one. I helped him with spelling and I tried to come up with something short and sweet. There was fuss, and ifs and buts but he was able to accomplish the mission. We addressed to Santa, North Pole; put a stamp and mailed it. Let see what will happen next.

We also decided to do something different with the Christmas tree. This year the theme is Lind chocolate Christmas tree. We bought a box of Lind chocolates on sale at Costco and I hanged them on the tree. This will be a good test to test Matthew’s patience and cravings. Matthew loves chocolate. At some point we had an internal joke that he was choco-holic, but then so is my husband.

The test is working so far. But I did find Matthew hanging around the tree, starring at the chocolates, and sometimes playing with them. The rule is that he has to finish his Advent Calendar first and after Christmas we will be able to eat the treats from the tree.

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