Wells Street Public School, It Is Hard To Believe, A Private Property

Wells Street Public School, It Is Hard To Believe, A Private Property

On the way home from the Town Park on Monday we passed by the Wells Street School. Even though it is not a functional school anymore, it will always be known as school in our community.

Last time I snapped some photos I was able to access the property. Only damaged section of the school was fenced. Now the complete property is fenced with No Trespassing signs. After all the property is private – and own by Wells Street Schoolhouse Lofts Inc.

Wells Street Public School, Fenced

It has been quite for some time. No news, however, there will be something written up about the school.

Yes I am patiently awaiting for my free issue of the Hēritage magazine, a quarterly publication of the Heritage Canada Foundation, a non-profit organization. Last year in December I was contacted and asked if they can use one of my images in return for free Hēritage magazine. I agreed.

Wells Street Public School, Photo To Be Published in Hēritage Magazine

Heritage Canada Foundation has a long track record for raising awareness for heritage conservation, saving heritage properties across Canada, and engaging Canadians in keeping their own historic places alive. The Foundation has successfully encouraged governments at all levels to adopt programs, policies and legislation for the protection and stewardship of historic places, heritage buildings and cultural landscapes.Source: Heritage Canada Foundation, About Us.

Our beautiful quarterly magazine Hēritage celebrates places that matter to Canadians, provides in-depth coverage of current heritage issues and success stories, and shares practical tips for homeowners.’ Source: Heritage Canada Foundation, About Us.

Wells Street Public School, Town of Aurora

Unfortunately the Hēritage magazine is available to members only, and if you are a member you will be able to read something about the Wells Street Public School in the upcoming issue.

Wells Street Public School, Town of Aurora

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  1. You will never know how sad I am about what they are doing to the school. I wrote two books where the school played a prominent role.

  2. Chuck, welcome to my blog.
    Yes it is sad that school had to go, but I still say that it is better than demolishing.
    Thanks again. BTW I read one of your books, well written.
    Anna :)