Truck Load Of Books, Library Take Out Allowance And Self-Checkout

Truck Load Of Books, Library Take Out Allowance And Self-Checkout

Nov 19, 2011
We were standing in line at the library to checkout our pile of books and DVDs. I had only six books and three DVDs. I thought that I was taking little too many items and the librarian for sure may say something.

While we were waiting I couldn’t help to notice a bigger pile of books lady in front of us was checking out. I counted over twenty. They were children’s books. I am assuming she must have been a teacher or daycare provider and the books were for the children.

Is there a limit how many books we can checkout? That wasn’t the question for that day but I thought I ask anyway. No there is no limit was the answer. I can checkout as many books I wish to read. A big shopping cart of books, aha, sounds good?

Kidding aside, there is no limit, but of course it is left to your discretion.

So what was my second question then?

I asked if there were records of all the books I checked out from the time I joined the library. The answer was no because ‘we don’t have enough storage, that it what they tell us‘ – librarian at the checkout told me.

That seemed strange because data such text shouldn’t require that much storage space. Something like that would only require to store three data fields such as name of the book, the author and a date when the book was taken out against the library card number. Never mind the book name and the author name is already in the database. The only new information will be the date.

Well, this is wishful thinking. May be in the future little modifications to the library database can be made. I guess I will be keeping my receipts for now as it was recommended to me that day.

Not even asking for it I got to learn self-checkout that day too. Librarian approached me and asked me if I would like to learn how to use the self-checkout. ‘You have checkout stands?‘ – I asked surprised. ‘Yes, of course, I like self-checkouts. As a matter of fact I use them in the stores all the time and I like them‘ – I added while she was bringing us to the area.

Aha now I know what this equipment is for. Lady was very patient with me as I kept looking after Matthew over my shoulder. I lost him for a split second in the bushes that morning and that darn split second felt like a longest split second of my life. I wasn’t going to take another heart attacking chance. By the way, checking out your own books is very easy.

Aurora Public Library, November Display

But before I conclude my another learning experience at the library I must suggest that when you are at the library drop by the display that is located on the right side of the sitting area.

Theme for this month is the Remembrance Day. However, the most fascinating to me item on the display is the panoramic view of the Yonge Street, the War Memorial and the farmland around. Not sure if you can see it on the above image but if you visit library you will see it for sure.

Aurora Public Library, November Display

I yet got to learn that all the displays are assembled by lady called Helen. Well I must say that Helen does amazing job especially by adding touch of Aurora or all about Aurora.

The lady who told me about Helen said: ‘Helen is really good in putting it all together. I don’t know where and how she gets her stuff. Sometimes she brings if from home. She does wonderful job assembling those displays, inside and the one at the entrance‘.

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  1. Helen must be a cool person. Like you!

  2. Thanks Marvin!
    Anna :)