The Tug of War, The Team Work & The Spirit of Aurora Celebrating 150th Birthday, Mayor’s Levee

The Tug of War, The Team Work & The Spirit of Aurora Celebrating 150th Birthday, Mayor’s Levee

No I didn’t forget. I have lot more to showcase, that is more pictures of the Mayor’s Levee from February 3rd, 2013 at the Town Park. Again, I probably took too many pictures, but how can I not. Everyone had great time children and adults, and volunteers.

I didn’t realize until after I processed these photos and how much these pictures show our community spirit, team work and fun. No doubt the attendance was low that day, but that does not mean much, as long those who organized and attended felt good about it. We were frozen to the bones when leaving, but before that everyone had fun.

So the gallery of photos showcases Tug of War that was set up for children. At some point adults took over.

You may ask who won on the end – they all were winners.

On the side note, there is lot of activity going on in our community now. I think year 2013 is not just Sesquicentennial year, but year of change and it will be all about the people in our community and how we will shape our community moving forward. Many may not like it, but accepting change is way to go.

Today, coincidentally, I came across Bill Hogg’s blog post about ‘Essential Elements When Framing Organizational Change‘. It is a post worth reading. Nothing really is new to me as I worked for corporate world before where changes happened all the time, and if you didn’t accept you didn’t fit. Resisting change is not very healthy, that much I can tell you

Well this concept does not apply just for organization – it applies for communities as well. Bringing more innovative ideas to the table is the key. Community involvement is another. The barriers must go down, otherwise, new ideas will flourish and those who resist change will not survive.

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