The Boy Guide At The Barn, 150th Anniversary Of The Hillary House

The Boy Guide At The Barn, 150th Anniversary Of The Hillary House

150 years of the Hillary House. My Matthew probably would say ‘that is too much years‘ as he did say the same last week to his grandfather who was celebrating his 75th birthday.

The Barn, 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House, Aurora

Last weekend it was my first and very first visit inside the Hillary House. However, I did step on the side porch before for the photo shoot during my brother’s in-law wedding – I was part of the bridal party.

Oh and of course I was in the front of the barn as well when they made us do silly things for the video – not too silly but never again especially on the historical grounds. So I do have a small personal connection here.

The Barn, 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House, Aurora

I really enjoyed the inside visit and I took few pictures, but I also enjoyed the barn on the back of the property. When I came closer there was a young guide who was telling interesting facts about the barn.

I will take a guess, the guide was 11 or 13 years old boy. He knew his stuff very well and when he did not he proudly took his notes to get the information. I was impressed so were the others.

The Barn, 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House, Aurora

When I was taking pictures, he was also approached by the older man who asked him what can he tell him about the place. Judging the man, and that is my observation only, he asked boy questions and probably did not anticipate anything interesting. When the boy finished, the man nodded his head and smiled at him.

The boy may never remember this incident, but I will.

The Barn, 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House, Aurora

It was really nice to see the young generation volunteering their time for the 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House event. I almost was disappointed when minutes before I encountered two or three boys running around the Hillary House.

I just had this terrible picture in my mind them knocking down something valuable. On the contrary, I was glad to see a young boy doing something right.

The Barn - Inside, 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House, Aurora

Nothing unusual when I looked inside the barn as I did see many barns before. However, just that one thing hanging on the wall looking like a bat got me interested – not sure what it is? A big chain hanging on the side wall and some barn tools were inside as well.

I didn’t find lucky horseshoe anywhere. May be there wasn’t one?

The Barn - Inside, 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House, Aurora

And if I heard the boy correctly, the grounds keeper slept or lived in the barn. I usually have difficulty listening and taking pictures at the same time – may be one day there will be a voice recording option for my camera.

The Barn - Inside, 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House, Aurora

Around The Barn, 150th Anniversary of the Hillary House, Aurora

I am glad that I was able to sneak out that day to visit the Hillary House. I definitely will be back for more photos. However, my intention for the visit that day was to meet someone, and I will tell you in the next post who that mystery person was.

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  1. Such lovely old wood!

  2. Great pictures, Anna. The “Boy Guide At The Barn” was 13 year old Geoffrey. He did a great job and his family is very proud of him.

  3. The boy at the barn’s name is Geoffrey and he is a very impressive young man. Had he played his guitar at this event you would have been even more impresssed with his talents. Well done Geoffrey!

  4. There are many hidden treasures in Aurora and we are also fortunate to have individuals who look after the heritage and reach out to volunteers and students to help. It is a with pride to see these photographs and of the barn boy – Geoffrey who did a fantastic job.

  5. We can guarantee that the “Barn guide” will remember all the kind comments that he received on this day. We know this because he is our son, aka Geoffrey Sharp. He was thrilled to have the opportunity to share his knowledge with local people and looks forward to the next event. Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge his efforts!

  6. Thank you for your very complimentary comments regarding my nephew Geoffrey, the “Boy Guide”. He is a special young man, and it’s gratifying for his family that others recognize it. We’re proud of him as we are of his siblings, who were also at the event. Emma was a volunteer greeter in Hillary House, and younger sister Abbey attended out of interest.

    I’m a regular reader of your blog and enjoy your posts. Thanks Again for kindly acknowledging our fine young fellow.

    (Incidentally, this year also marks an anniversary for our family; it is the 50th since we started “Living in Aurora”)

  7. We are neighbours of the Sharp family and have known Geoffrey since he was little and what a remarkable Auroran he is. Mark his name down somewhere to remember him by as he will still be doing remarkable things in years to come. We are so proud of his spirit and volunteerism and many kids can take guidance from his lead. Good on ya Geoffrey.

  8. Marvin, yes it is and a nice place as well.
    Thank you for commenting.
    Anna :)

  9. Carol, thank you. Yes he did. I wish I took more pictures of him that day, but may be next time.
    Anna :)

  10. Sonja, thank you for letting me know. He plays guitar? That is wonderful.
    It is also wonderful to see young talents in our community. He will flourish for sure.
    Anna :)

  11. Elaine thank you for commenting.
    I am so glad that I visited Hillary House that day and indirectly got to know Geoffrey.
    Anna :)

  12. Stephanie and David you are very lucky parents.
    Geoffrey did wonderful job, and I wish I took more pictures of him.
    Thank you again for commenting and may be one day I get to know Geoffrey as well.
    He has amazing people behind him.
    Anna :)

  13. Michael thank you for commenting. It is so nice to see supporting family.
    That is how our children flourish, they need recognition for what they do.
    They need to nurtured, and the family and friend of Geoffrey and his siblings are doing wonderful job.
    Thank you for being regular visitor to my blog, I didn’t even know I had that many.
    Living in Aurora for 50 years – that is quite a mile stone, congratulations and happy many more years to come.
    Anna :)

  14. Vic and Ann thank you for your comment.
    Yes I will mark him down, but do I have to as long as this blog is alive his acknowledgment will be here and may be many more in the future.
    I am so glad to see family, friends and neighbors acknowledging Geoffrey.
    Thank you all for commenting.
    Anna :)