Stepped On The Bug And It Burst, Stomach Virus Is Going Around In Town

Stepped On The Bug And It Burst, Stomach Virus Is Going Around In Town

Dec 7, 2011
Everyone is silent this year. No body reports on the outbreaks, but I think there are a couple of bugs that you need to watch out for. I have been hearing a lot about strep throat going around. But this one I did not need to hear about – the stomach virus.

Spreading ... just like fungi

Last week we played with some kids, we had a tai chi class and visited library. After all that by Tuesday night I was sick in the stomach. It was a definitely stomach virus – cold shivers and throwing up all night. My joints were in terrible pain, could not eat. I did not move very much. Sleep was my best friend.

By Thursday morning I am much better. Still cannot eat.

But by Thursday noon Matthew gets the bug. His actually was really bad. At some point of his throwing up he could not control himself anymore and I was not fast enough to catch it. Laundry and cleaning all I did.

Those bugs eventually go away. When the stomach feels hunger, that means that the virus is on the way out, and next step is to start the nourishment. Matthew’s lasted for about 5 hours. He got hungry right away. His eyes were big but stomach shrunk to the pea size. He couldn’t eat.

As of today he is still a bit weak and has trouble eating.

So we thought that everything was great by Sunday. But no, it was my husband’s turn.

Yesterday, I found out that the kids we played at the beginning of the last week were all sick with the same thing too, including their caregiver.

Just like that. Glad that all is over for now. It makes you appreciate how good it is to be healthy.

Now, do I have recommendations – may be just few. Stomach virus is silent and invisible during incubation time, you really don’t know who carries it. How to avoid it, no idea, but once you get it – keep hydrated, absolutely no dairy products and sweets. Virus feeds on those. When in recovery, some fresh air and sunlight my boost your energy levels up.

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  1. Hope you are all feeling better really soon!

  2. Thanks Shawna, all behind us.
    Hope it will stay until Christmas and beyond.
    Anna :)