Sheppard’s Bush After Last Night Windy Snow Storm, Looked Good

Sheppard’s Bush After Last Night Windy Snow Storm, Looked Good

Mar 19, 2013
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It is amazing how volatile our weather is. Last night we thought our roof will be blown away and next morning it was very quiet. Started to warm up as well. Snow melting away and it almost rained. And guess what – spring tomorrow.

Today I ventured out with Peter Cameron on photo walk around the Shappard’s Bush Conservation Area. It is interesting how little I always explored, always the same path or trail. This time I got 360 view of the Windfall Ecology Centre (former Sheppard’s House) and few other paths I never attempted to explore. All thanks to Peter.

When we arrived the wood was burning again near the Windfall Ecology Centre and when there is no wind – these fumes are much stronger. They do bother me, but then anything related to smoke bothers me. However, the fumes are not that bad as I initially thought. So behind the shed Peter showed me the gasification boiler. I am not going to explain in my words, just copy what was written on the plaque. That way the message will not be lost in translation.

Wood Gasification Boiler

The Sheppard House is heated by a wood gasification boiler. The waste wood burned in the gasification boiler heats water in underground insulated tubes that run inside the house to a heat exchanger that connects to hydronic radiator system. The heating method is carbon neutral because the carbon that is emitted is equivalent to that which the waste trees sequester and would emit through decomposition. This wood gasification boiler has an average efficiency of 85.74%.

Sounds great, but here is something to think about – this process is accelerated process, therefore, generates more fumes in the shorter period of time, and burns more trees in the shorter period of time.

Wood Gasification Boiler, Windfall Ecology Centre

You can view other photos of the regular stuff that can be found at the Sheppard’s Bush, whatever mother nature provided that day for photo shoot and the sheds all around.

Cartridge Recycling, Sheppard’s Bush, Town of Aurora

I saw blue recycling bin, but never ever I have seen the yellow bin. We discovered that it was for recycling ink cartridges. Well, I never anticipated to find that in the Sheppard’s Bush as well.

Today was also grand opening of the Target store in Aurora. I wasn’t going to miss it and miss the photo opportunity, however, only outside, and not inside the store.

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  1. Ha, “Cartridge World”… I thought you meant firearm cartridges. Silly me!