Postcards of Olde Aurora, A Sesquicentennial Project by Bob McRoberts, One More Book In My Collection

Postcards of Olde Aurora, A Sesquicentennial Project by Bob McRoberts, One More Book In My Collection

Dec 20, 2012
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My inventory of books that are about the Town of Aurora, briefly mentioned Aurora or written by the Aurorans is now assembled. I think I have them all or let say I ran out of budget this year to buy more. My collection consists of twenty books now.

Postcards of Olde Aurora by Bob McRoberts

I am sure there will be lot more books published in the future and they will be part of my collection but there is something special about my recent collection of books. It all started with Bob McRoberts and because of recent purchase ends with Bob McRoberts. Let me explain.

My first book purchased was “Aurora A History in Pictures” by W. John McIntyre, 1988 – collectible, used and autographed. But it also came with a photo of two high school teachers from 1943. One of the teachers was Mr. Knowles who was also grandfather of Bob McRoberts.

So this is how I got to know him, and after photo was returned to Bob McRoberts, he wrote me ‘I hope our paths will cross again‘ and so they did. They did few times and finally on the day I purchased his recently published book.

Postcards of Olde Aurora by Bob McRoberts

In the past I had an opportunity to attend one of the Heritage Lecture Series, “Postcards of Old Aurora: The McRoberts Collection” at the Aurora Cultural Centre, April 2012. I still remember attendance in the room. There must have been over 100 people, including me. The lecture was very beneficial since I take lot of pictures of Aurora and it is very intriguing to examine the change – somethings changed, somethings are gone and somethings just don’t change.

Bob decided to go one step further and put together a Sesquicentennial (2013) project or legacy project – that is he converted his collection of postcards into a book, “Postcards of Olde Aurora“.

Postcards of Olde Aurora by Bob McRoberts

When I picked up my book back on December 6th, I told him that I collect postcards as well, just a collection of the European cities during the time I was growing up. I do have some postcards of Toronto from 1971 when my dad traveled to Canada.

Just recently I did come across of Aurora postcards on line but because I take lot of photos of Aurora I wasn’t that enthusiastic as Bob. Well, he did something wonderful, saved me a time and money. So instead of buying 300 postcards I bought a collectible book, 20th on my list.

This is a very nice little collectible book. Mr. McRoberts spent lot of work searching for all the postcards he assembled into a book Postcards of Olde Aurora and he did because he was passionate about it and because he can relate to as well. His passion is now a legacy book for the Sesquicentennial year. His book is about Aurora by the Auroran and it is the latest book in my collection.

If you would like to own this book, Postcards of Olde Aurora can be purchased directly from Bob McRoberts. The contact information is listed on the right sidebar on this blog.

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