Photo Social And Photo Shooting During SOYRA Showcase 2013

Photo Social And Photo Shooting During SOYRA Showcase 2013

Jan 30, 2013
Last weekend January 26th, 2013 I attended SOYRA Showcase 2013 reception at the Aurora Cultural Centre. If you have not seen it yet, I already had my first post out few days ago. It was my photography from the show in black and white, something different.

So you know the show is still on until February the 2nd, 2013.

SOYRA Showcase 2013, 2nd Floor Aurora Cultural Centre

As mentioned before I have few more photos to share with you. However, I must admit that on that day I was actually chatting more than photo shooting the showcase. Well if you get to see your friends once a year, of course there is a lot to talk about. When I arrived home and processed my images I realized that I had a little less than expected. Well you will just have to visit the show for yourself and experience the moment.

Introduction by Nancy Newman, SOYRA Showcase 2013, Aurora Cultural Centre

I was glad to meet again Nancy Newman, Shawna Patenaude, Zorica Miric and her husband, Jennifer Blacquiere and finally to meet Linda Welch in person.

This year was another interesting year for me especially because I realized that I am starting to recognize some of the artist’s work and their styles. I frequently drop by Nancy Newman’s website just to admire her floral paintings, and the more I stare at them – the harder it is to leave the site.

Red Wall, SOYRA Showcase 2013, Aurora Cultural Centre

There is something about those floral paintings – not just the detail, or the flower’s architecture, but that fine line between the reality and painted world. If there were real flowers and you look behind them you find whatever there is, but in her paintings behind those flowers there is mystery and suspense, and our imagination filled with more flowers.

Linda Welch & Shawna Patenaude, SOYRA Showcase 2013, Aurora Cultural Centre

Then there is Shawna Patenaude. She made a life time impression on us (especially Matthew) with her paintings of apples that were showcased at the Skylight Gallery at the Town Hall Aurora. This is when we met Shawna for the first time. She continues to paint these beautiful red and delicious apples and they were on the spotlight this year on the red wall at the Aurora Cultural Centre. I think we need Shawna’s reflection in one of those water drops.

More of Shawna’s work is exhibited at the Aurora Public Library until mid March, and there is more, not just apples – Capture the Light, Explorations in Oil by Shawna Patenaude.

Zorica Miric, Her Abstract Painting, SOYRA Showcase 2013, Aurora Cultural Centre

And what can I say about Zorica Miric. We share same background – yes we are both engineers, and we share appreciation for art. The only difference is that she paints and I do not. However, we both do enjoy abstract art as well. Last year Zorica’s abstract painting was one of the first sold. This year she exhibited similar one, and when I arrived I recognized her work immediately.

Oh and there is more about us, if I am not mistaken, we are both married to engineers, but there is small difference, her husband paints and my husband does not.

So me and Zorica had abstract conversation, but that somehow changed and next we were standing in front of framed photos, category – nudity. When comes to this type of art, this is where my cheeks get painted red, naturally, no brush required.

Blue Wall, SOYRA Showcase 2013, Aurora Cultural Centre

I continued to be impressed with Jennifer Blacquiere’s art. It is so realistic that sometimes I must admit I have doubts or I am not convinced that the painting is actually a painting, but on the end I do believe her. I frequently visit Jennifer’s website gallery and if you were standing close by my side, you be hearing many wow’s. Yes her paintings come with a ‘wow‘ factor.

Jennifer Blacquiere’s Art, SOYRA Showcase 2013, Aurora Cultural Centre

Interesting enough when you meet an artist most of the time you don’t talk about their art, just life in general. So I met Linda Welch and I didn’t even ask if she paints. All I know that she does excellent organizing work for SOYRA. I corresponded with Linda occasionally via this blog, and it was finally nice to meet her in person.

Daisies by Hans Martin, SOYRA Showcase 2013, Aurora Cultural Centre

I almost forgot I had a nice chat with Hans Martin whom I met just before I left for home. We talked about art galleries and photographing art, and then we span off to talk about Ukrainians, fields, borders, the war, etc. See how easy it is to start talking about something else – very easy.

I must admit that last Saturday I had enjoyable, educational and social outing and I hope to see you all again next year.

SOYRA Showcase 2013, Aurora Cultural Centre

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  1. Awesome photos Anna!
    I really enjoyed your take on the SOYRA showcase 2013!
    I hope to meet you as well at the next show!
    Cori Weyh Onofrio

  2. I enjoyed your commentary on the show and your ‘take’ on some of our exhibitors, as always. And it was terrific to finally meet you too. I am a photographer who also paints.

  3. It was so wonderful to see you again Anna. Thank you for the beautiful write-up on the show and for taking such fantastic photos! .

  4. Thanks Cori. For sure, hopefully I will be able to make it again :).
    Anna :)

  5. Linda next time you have to show off your work to me :).
    Thanks for all the comments.
    Anna :)

  6. No problem Shawna.
    Anna :)