Meeting Seniors At The Hollandview Trail Retirement Community, Good Neighbour

Meeting Seniors At The Hollandview Trail Retirement Community, Good Neighbour

Sep 28, 2012
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Gateway Drive is a street on the other side of the St. John’s sideroad, opposite to the Pinnacle Trail. The street shown on the photo below, the housing and far back on the horizon, the Hollandview Retirement Community.

All that did not exist in 1997 when we first moved to Aurora.

Gateway Drive, Aurora

Gateway Drive, Aurora

We moved into our new home on Halloween. We juggled the two together – trick or treat visitors and moving stuff into the house. And since then we saw neighbours going and coming. I even wrote a short story on the community FOCUS about our early beginnings in Aurora – ‘Living in Aurora – Trick or Treat? Yes, We Moved Here on Halloween Night‘.

Hollandview Trail Retirement Centre, Aurora

Hollandview Trail Retirement Community, Aurora

Speaking about the Hollandview Trail Retirement Community; on September 12th, 2012 I did presentation for the seniors. Who would ever thought that my blog will get me on the road – something I never anticipated. I was nervous. I was very nervous. But my audience turned out to be such a nice joyous bunch.

When I came they really made me feel at ease. Started talking to me, asking me questions and waving and smiling at me whenever I looked. They even said – ‘First time doing this?‘. I guess they could tell.

The script I wrote for the presentation I forgot at home. My presentation titled ‘Good Neighbour‘ and I cannot tell you what was my presentation all about because in the near future I am heading to the Aurora Senior Centre.

Joan Devins, Hollandview Retirement Community, Aurora

Joan Devins, Hollandview Retirement Centre, Aurora

With me to the presentation I brought some visual aids – two books Aurora 1945-1965, An Ontario Town at a Time of Great Change and Aurora A History in Pictures. Books I use for reference when I go for walks around the town – it helps me to connect.

To my surprise in the audience I had a lady very much participating in my story telling about how I met Elizabeth Milner. Well, this lady happened to be Joan Devins who knew very well Milner’s sister and she is also on the picture on the cover of the book in front of Wells Street Public School. It is so interesting how things are connected in our town and it is so easy to intercept those connections and learn more.

But wait there is more. I did notice one lady on the back sitting by herself. I didn’t really pay attention until she came forward and offered if I ever need any information about the town she is the one. And the one was Jean Baker-Pearce. I think I may take on her offer.

But wait a bit more information here. As we were walking out Jean turned around and asked if I happened to know anyone who has the Aurora Its Early Beginnings, a book by James Johnston. I got so excited because I happened to have one – the yellow version from 1963 and in a very good condition. Ron Wallace really knows how to take care of valuable books. ‘Darn‘, said Jean once she found out I had a copy from Ron.

So what is so special about the book. There are early beginnings for everything, and this book is all about early beginnings of Aurora. Jean did help to write the book. The book was written in one week because it was realized that for the 100th Anniversary of Aurora celebrations there was no Aurora book written.

It was a very special evening and I really enjoyed meeting all the nice ladies in the audience. Yes they were almost all ladies. I think I had one gentleman on the back who came.

I don’t know their names but I recall small conversations before and after – the lady who sat in the very front and gently asked if I done this before. Then there was another lady who asked many questions about my profession – and she happened to have granddaughter in engineering as well. There was a lady who came up and share story about the red cardinal. And a lady who ask for the directions to the Nokiidaa Trail Link boardwalk and lastly two ladies against the wall who smiled and waved at me.

Living In Aurora, Elevator Snapshot

Living In Aurora, Elevator Snapshot

That night I felt like a celebrity. I know – it is just a living in Aurora blog, but for me small things matter. At my arrival, every turn I made I saw notices about my presentation – on the information flat screen at the entrance and then notice in the elevator. When I saw that one notice in the elevator, I think I beat the record getting my camera out the bag, turning on, taking cap off and snapping photo of the notice on the way down – just one floor down.

I tell you there are lot of hidden treasures in the town and it isn’t that hard to find them as well.

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